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Hello lovely earthlings! Recently went back to the office from a two-weeks leave due to health reasons. I’ve been taking medications like what I’ve disclosed on my recent blog post and I also went back to my doctor a couple of times (latest was yesterday) and I just opt to rake off 3 valuable lessons that he told me to bear in mind that everyone else can do so as well.

1. Never compare yourself to people – especially to someone who’s lacking same as what you do. To those you look up to, you can use them as an inspiration to do better.

2.Don’t set your hopes too high and expect yourself to reach your goals right away. Great things take time.

3. Don’t dwell on the past anymore because it will just hinder you from growing and it won’t take you anywhere.

And for today’s look, to cinch that waist of mine that went bigger as my love for food grew bigger as well, I opt to wear a long outerwear to look slim paired with denim shorts to achieve the denim on denim trend which I’m fond of nowadays.







Howdy people! It’s been only like a week since I posted but it feels like my recent post was like a couple of weeks or so already. Why? Well, let’s put it this way. God has been good to me this past week that had past. Why again? I’ve got multiple job offers but scrapped it over a recent one which is accessible and near our house. What is ironic in it was out of all the job applications/interviews and job fairs I’ve had/been, truth be told, I seem to avoid BPO companies (also with agencies, insurance companies and such) all the time since if ever, I would be working usually in the night time which would be predominantly contrary to my usual sleeping routine wherein I usually sleep at around 11pm or so then wake up at 6:30am for our morning walk in our subdivision. Which would make me (pretty much!) a night owl right?

It started when I attended the job fair at SM Megamall earlier part of a couple of weeks ago which I think is like Wednesday. Since it was organized by, most of the booths caters to aspiring applicants who’s looking for a job abroad. With that, I only applied to 5 or 6 booths and decided to leave the venue upon having my last round of beating the bushes and checking every booth not until a girl from a certain BPO company approached and asked me if I’m interested and said if I don’t want to be in the night shift, they also offer day shift and so I tried. When we had our group initial interview, I passed which landed to me, passing the rest of the recruitment process later on (Although it’s on the night shift since it turned out, day shift agents are for the experienced ones, after all). But then, I was assigned at the Ortigas branch of the said BPO company. And so, I tried to apply with another company and passed again. This time, I got assigned at Shaw Boulevard site which is a bit far more than the previous one.

Furthermore, my mom told me to try applying for another company with the same industry which is much accessible and near our place since it’s dangerous and pretty much risky going home late at night after work, especially for a girl like me. Finally, I found one around Quezon City (Eton Centris) and got hired just recently. With that, my life would officially change with regards to my transition from student into a working one next week. With that, I realized that I have to continue not chasing and running after people who don’t value me as much as I value them anymore. I know I’ told myself to do so many times before but I’m a grown up now and I convened with the fact that people who don’t/can’t even make time for you despite their busy schedule just like I do with them don’t deserve your time, effort and love.

If you really want me to be in your life, go out of your way and prove it to me. If you don’t, why would I force you to stay? I’ve had enough of people who’s just good with feeding you with sweet words. If you have to force yourself to be in the lives of people you hold dear so much but they end up ignoring you, why would you fight for that person? This applies to my relationships in general, by the way. With my 21 years of existence, I’ve encountered this many times before. So, as I enter the business world, I want to leave everything that belongs to the past and those people who just kept on making me doubt on myself behind which hinders me from loving myself and growing, as well. You can’t just come and go in my life whenever you want and just talk to me when you’re just bored and got nothing to do. No one deserves to be just anyone’s past time, second option or worst, back up plan. Sometimes, even if it hurts, you have to be brave enough to move forward with or without the people you value the most but don’t value you as much. Even those who promised that you’ll always have each other when everything else is gone but ended up leaving you in the pedestal.

With regards to my look post for today, I opted for monochromatic pieces and paired it with my favorite denim jacket. Summer ended last month so cover-ups would be like no biggie these days. And with marsala being Pantone’s color of the year, I went for marsala-colored socks which added to that laidback feel of my outfit. I hope you guys like it!

Soon on!

Better Than Words


Oh my! Classes are about to ensue next week. And after a couple of semesters plus our OJT training, I’m gonna finish my schooling already! Woo hoo! 

But on the flip side of it, that would also mean I’m gonna be bloody busy nowadays! Oh boy! But before crying over spilled milk, after this, it would also mean I can be able to focus more on blogging right? 

Since I didn’t able to post the specs of my preceding look (I’m very sorry!), I’d post it together with my today’s look, shall we?





Hype this on!

Here’s the preceding one:


Copy of DSC_1006

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For The Love Club

Have you seen my recently concluded all black monochrome series? Stay tuned next week for its compilation, can you?
Anyway, I got so indubitably exultant when I bought this lovely cap of mine. :3 Spell love!

Having said that, I wore it on a very special church event and decided to make a look out of it.
And of course, I dole out an edgy feel into it. And I don’t know what got into me that day. Just look at my BTS (behind the scene) photos!

In case some of you might be wondering what did The Love Club got to do with my look. Well, I’ve been into indie music nowadays.
Lorde, Sky Ferreira, Lana Del Rey and such were the goddesses of my playlist.

For my look, here it is:

Supreme cap | White shirt from Bershka

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What’s The Fuss: Tutu Skirt

Copious months ago, if you’d shed light on my lookbook, I had runs of looks wearing one of the pieces I’m pretty much fixated with nowadays – tutu skirts! Yeah, I know I’m more of an edgy earthling than a girly dah-ling. But let’s give my girly side a chance, can we? Though I bet my edgy self would still bare its wings. Tee hee!

First in ze series is Never Gone. This was the one I with my brother took every ounce of courage and have the valour to have our look shoot at the main road of our subdivision in our house in Bulacan. Leather jackets never fails to bequeath spunkiness in any look. Evidently, my thing for florals did came to light once more. What do you guys think?

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Next up was At The Rear of Shriveling Sun, which was an indoor look we pilfered at our terrace. The crack of dawn made its way and something in me calls to situate a vintage feel and wear my shades that has a circular lens (which gives the classic vibe) to cobble together florals and denim in a way that it would still stick out my edgy side in the presence of my black tutu.

 Hype this on!

Third of the pack was ‎Complex Trance which is I can I say is largely the utmost edgy look of the series. It is also the one which I found hard to shoot. Why? If you read my blog post about /this/, you wouldn’t be surprised. For me to balance and slot in feminity and manly pieces, I decided to commingle skull and sparkly tutu skirt together.

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Last but not the least, Next To Me as the introductory look for my animal prints series (which was posted after the tutu series), after infesting my wardrobe, I incorporated zebra-printed blazer with a graphic printed tee. Then again, bluntly, I’m an against the sun fresco and so, when the daylight came, I together with my brother photographer, went cray cray and took our respective look shots. Apparently, this is also a (first) part of the animal prints series (will be posted next week or so.)

Hype this on!

Happy hyping, sweeties! Tuned in next week for my subsequent WTF post. But this time, it was ze animal prints turn to flaunt and glare of fame.


Of Denim, Floral & Tutu

Here’s an indoor backlog that we shooted a couple of weeks ago. And ta-dah! Floral is making its way on the limelight again. How zany can I get on florals? 🙂 But this time, I incorporated it with denim and my fascination for florals’ rival which is tutu! Haha! I must say I’m being so to a great extent, immensely adorned by tutu skirts nowadays! And so, here’s my first of the series of tutu looks. How you all get amiable with it!

Denim Polo from Next, Floral Tee from Bershka

Circular Shades from Sting

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Topsy Turvy

Having said all of those in my blog post here, Take a look at my DIY denim jacket. This photo speaks for itself! Hahaha!

If you’ll look at it closer, you will recognize that I wore it on the other way around! Silly me,teehee! This denim jacket originally had collar. And the creative side of me made me cut it and make it a DIY detechable collar which I haven’t incorporated in any of my looks.

Oh well! Marami pang bukas! 🙂 Thus, after I successfully made the DIY collar thingy, at that time, I don’t know why I didn’t thought of throwing the jacket on the trash can. But now, I know why! And with that, with all braveness,  I used it as my cover up and it’s topsy turvy. I’ve worn it upside down, look!

Denim Jacket GAP/DIY, Top  from Topshop, Shorts from Bershka, Heels from Folded & Hung

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