Grand Piano

Annyeong lovely people! How’r you all doing? As for me, thesis days is starting to creep in and the implementation/practicum for our feasibility study will be two weeks from now. So I’m starting to get pretty busy.
In the past few weeks, as my random thoughts get to me, it just struck me how some people finds delight in hurting others and watching others suffer. I’m like, why? Don’t you have a decent life to live? For you to actually take time to hurt others? Whatever your reasons and intentions are, I tell you, stop it.
There are lots and lots of productive things we can revel outselling into without causing others to suffer. What good thing will you gain from that? Absolutely none, my dear! Maybe some of you might be puzzled as to why am I doling out this sort of things.
Well, I’m still in the process of moving on. I know it’s been a couple of years (almost!) since I first told myself to let go of the wrong people. But this year, I’m more than 100% serious about this matter. Especially that the guy I’ve been talking about in my previous posts is proving me so right on everything that my friends been telling me that I should stop chasing the wrong people and just eat my feelings. (Just kidding w/ the latter!) What I really meant was to let go and move on for real.

As for this look, perf for the sweater weather although I bet all of you will agree when I say the weather is indeed bipolar, eh? And so are the people around us. They come and go. Hahaha! And uhm, it’s February and.. never mind. I know all the pieces of this particular look is completely far from this month’s fuss but ugh, whatever!






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Run On Love


Oh hello! After all the lazy hazy mood or festive shenanigans we revel ourselves into, classes & work resumed. But due to the Pope’s visit here in the Philippines, all of us enjoyed an extended super long vacay. As for me, since I only have classes during MWF, I had a 6-day vacay. And in the past few days, the harsh reality came crashing in front of me – again.

I would admit that I tend to be pasaway and you know the feeling when the clichรฉ “the truth hurts” and “the truth will set you free” slaps you right in the face to wake you up from something you can’t escape from. Some of us, or should I say, most of us refuse to face the reality and tend to fool ourselves with what we choose to believe which is basically a lie. Truth be told, I’ve been like that for a long time just recently.
So I ended up finding it hard even more to let go of people who doesn’t even deserve to be an issue in my life. That the ones who I invest too much effort, feelings & time are the same people who don’t even exert effort & take me seriously just like how I do to them. If some of you regularly read my blog posts, I know I already have heaps of posts about moving on & stuff. It’s not that easy to move on and they say there’s no formula for that.

But of course, if there’s a will, there’s a way. After all, it’s not my loss. It’s his. Ensuing on with today’s look, as we grow up, we tend to change our style preference, right? As for me, at first, I prefer the print on print formula and leggings that in my opinion now is too mainstream already. I go for the basic ones and dark hues which goes something like this:






Bowler Hat & Skirt from H&M | Tights from Claire’s | Boots from Doc Martens

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Change Your Ticket


Annyeong! Today’s the end of 2014 & apparently the start of another year, (2015) which commonly most of us desire to have their fair share of aspiring to start anew and be the better version of ourselves. But very seldom that we stay true, consistently stick and live by those so-called resolution/s we engage themselves with.
New year’s resolution as most of us perceive it. When you really, really, (like really!) want a big change (in a good way, obviously) to take place in your everyday life, then do something about it. Because no one can ever help you change but yourself.
And in order for you to do that successfully, you have to think first of all your life goals (be distinct), formulate ways on how you can be able to pursue those & stick with it – with all your heart, soul & mind! What’s the sense of coming up with life goals if you’ll just disregard it afterwards? You’re just making fool out of yourself & end up getting worst than ever.

As for me, I’m not that serious with goals, resolutions and stuff before. But of course, as we grow up, we get to learn new things from experience & other people. And worst, from pain. So as 2015 starts, I don’t wanna ever be in the place wherein I always have to run after people just for them to stay with me. If you don’t have plans of staying, then so be it. I’m not anybody’s toy or pet dog that you can ignore and leave in the pedestal whenever you want. Hey, I’m human. I have feelings too. Having said that, I decided to bid farewell to 2014 and to old habits/ways and people that I utterly value but don’t deserve it, as well. Yes it’s hard. But with God, I know I can do anything. And so, goodbye 2014 & to the people I love but don’t deserve my time, effort & tears. Annyeong, 2015!

With this, as seen on my facebook account, I had my first photoshoot for 2015 & here’s the outcome:





Checkered Button down from GUESS? | Bowler Hat from H&M | Tank Top from Zara | Tutu Skirt from Forever 21 | Boots from SAX

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Beam Me Up

Here we go with our second installation of my animal print series in my lookbook. Apparently, it’s becoming much of a zebra series. Since my first one and this current one were both led by zebra printed ones. And just a lil’ spoiler for you, le third one was on the same print, as well. But the fourth one would be.. a mystery for now! Tee hee! ๐Ÿ™‚

Who wants a lil’ trivia? Well, did you know that the polka dotย bottoms I’ve incorporated on this look was like so thread bare already? How old? It was the pants my mom used when I was inside her womb 19 years ago? So vintage! And so, don’t mind the crotch part of ze photos, will you? Just focus more on the look itself, yes?

Zebra top from Y Five, DIY necklace, Neon spikes cuff from Rebel Gear, Bangles from Tomato (part of a set)

Polka dot bottom from Mom’s closet, Tan leather boots from SAX

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Beware of Copycat

Here we go again for another backlog! These past weeks, as what I’ve mentioned before, we’re pretty much preoccupied by our preparations for my beloved grandparents’ golden anniversary. Interviewing riffraff of people, editing videos and a lot more. Moreover, pardon me for posting backlogs frequent than the usual.

This look shoot was taken at the subdivision on one of my cousin which we interviewed a few weeks ago. Furthermore, here it is:

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I Almost Do

Oh well! If you haven’t perceived, it’s my second look for this week, isn’t it? Lemme expalin that. In the preceding two weeks, I inadvertently didn’t post any look in /lookbook/ and look post here, as well. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ And I know any reason would be bona fide for it. Especially for me, an aspiring blogger who has not yet have a name in the blogging industry, right?

There’s always room for improvement, yes? Consequently, I’m making up by posting a couple of looks or so this week. Having said that, let’s stick out with my look at the moment. I know that I’m not of a beauty queen or popstar as I now look but oh well! I just thought of amalgamating my look with one of the most auspicious popstars at present which is no other than Taylor Swift. Oh wewewait! I may look or sound assuming to some of you. I know for a fact that I completely don’t look like her.

I just decided to incorporate her flair in her extant album, Red, with my own style. With my unduly exhilaration and keenness on wearing my new ballerina-like skirt, I unequivocally thought of making it as my bottom ensemble for this particular look. And I’m to a great extent over the moon with the result.

Here it is:


Striped polo from Thrift Shop in HK, Skirt from Forever 21, Shades from Sting

Hat from Yhansy, Necklace from Rebel Gear, Boots from SAX

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