Annyeong! It’s the last month of the year and few days from now, we’re gonna have the privilege to celebrate our Savior’s birth. And I just realized that it really pays to have a close and intimate relationship with God.

I’ve been praying a million times everyday for me to have a job again and promised God, this time I will give my 100% best and I’m constantly praying that I would receive it before 2016 ends. By His unchanging grace, I was blessed by a new one last Thursday and a couple of days ago, I already got hired officially.

In relation to the title of this post, it came to my thought in the past few weeks something about not rushing things when it comes to finding the right person you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, which I didn’t decipher way back. I used to question God why am I used to be always the one without a partner in my group of friends back in college.

Recently, I convened the reality that you don’t just pour your entirety on whoever comes along just because you’ve been waiting for it to happen. Don’t settle for whoever comes along your way like 11:11 which some people wait each day believing if they mutter their wish on that time, it will happen.You really have to wait for the right person to come along. Someone who’s worth all your entirety and would love you beyond your imperfections.









Light Up The Sky


Annyeong! How are you all doing? Pardon me for not posting summer looks, eh? Maybe it’s because I’m posting most of our vacation in Baguio a couple months ago. I posted it late due to job interviews I’ve been in, various events that had past and such. This week is probably my most just-hanging-around week in a while after I started applying for a job online, had job interviews, spent time with my lovely cousins and whatsoever. It’s like I’m not in the house most of the time these days. But I know and believe it would all be worth it the moment I finally get hired.

With my current disposition compared to where I’m in before, I must say a lot of things has changed. When I say a lot, as in A LOT. As to my current status, I’m no longer a student. But I’m apparently planning to take a 1 year course at SoFA (School of Fashion & the Arts ) or FIT (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) next year or so. Although it would all depend on the work schedule I would have. After 3-5 years, I aspire to take my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I haven’t decided as to what school but I’m really praying I would be able to attain this goals I have. I guess you really never stop having that desire to learn new things and having that courage to pursue your dreams if there’s someone who brings out the best in you, right? You know who you are! 😉

As an addition to the changes that’s taking in place in my life which to be honest, overwhelms me but fascinates me at the same time, I noticed that my style of clothing is evolving too. I used to have a queer fixation on neon colors and printed staples. Which I can’t even comprehend now as to why did I even get fixated with those. Why? Well, perhaps, it’s because those avowed pieces were actually the opposite of what kind I’m wearing now. I don’t compel myself to follow trends like what others fond of doing. I wear what I want to wear and I wear the ones that will show what I’m made of. Cliche as most of us would perceive it but you are what you wear.





Marsala Beanie & Skater Skirt from H&M | Kitty Leggings from Claire’s | Shoes from Payless

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Graduation Day

It has always been my dream to finish schooling and now, it came to reality and I can’t even convene how grateful I am to God for letting me so. Anyhow, what if you guys let me convey what went down in my graduation day last April 17, yes? I know it’s a bit late but pardon my job hunting for keeping me insanely busy for the past few weeks that had past.

It was then 7:30 am when we arrived at PICC and of course, we took photos first at the entrance, lobby and such.




Since I can’t and I don’t want to be late, not before long, we went inside then the graduation ceremony started at 8:00am and was concluded at 11:30am.



And as a blogger, I didn’t blow the chance of having my OOTD at the lobby. Here’s me, showing off the design of the back part of my dress. 😛


Afterwards, my mom decided to join in. My brother and I supposed to take more photos but since our tummies were screaming for immediate help, my mom took the camera and just captured photos carelessly and so we can’t help but laugh!



Upon arriving at La Fiesta, the largest buffet in the country which caters different cuisines and so trust me when I say you really can’t possibly get to taste all of the foods they are offering. Srsly. Although we’re insanely starving, we didn’t fill our tummies to the fullest because we’re still gonna be having dinner later on that day with my dearest grandparents since they were left at our house due to my Lola’s sprained hip which made it hard for her to travel from one place to another.

Here’s some of the food that I ate: (Sorry I didn’t able to take some of it!)





And my mom, Paula and I were given a cake and people from La Fiesta, together with the vocalist of the live band that has been playing live at La Fiesta sang us a song. Although mine was a bit awkward since the vocalist is used to the Happy Birthday song than the “Happy Graduation to you”.








Going home, we took the time to chill for about half an hour then we went to the nearest Great Image from our house and had fun as we have our family picture there.






aaaaaaa (2)

aaaaaaaa (2)

Last activity of the day but definitely not the least, we ate dinner at Max’s to wrap up the day. Although we’re a bit full from La Fiesta so we just ate a light meal then.


 To God, be the glory!

Baguio | Day 1

As promised, I’m gonna dole out the lowdown of the highlights of our Baguio 3-day vacation last week. What I will do is convene the events per day. So this blog post would convey our first day in Baguio.

On our way there, waking up super early, I really thought I would be sticking my nose on my pillow and sleep. But then, with Paula on my side, I only managed to nap almost an hour and what I did on the whole trip was these:





As we plan as to what place are we staying, my mom said that her former peer in Qatar Airways owns a vacation house at Baguio but since she won’t be able to come with us, we decided to stay at /Baguio Holiday Villa./ My cousins by the way (Paula and Renz), Tito Rene, Tita Grace, my aunt (Tita Lulu) who we usually go out with and my brother are my companions on this particular trip.

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Break Free

Annyeong! Okay okay, I know it’s been (almost) a couple of weeks since I should’ve posted my recent look post. And my apologies for the said matter. It’s just that these past few weeks have been the peak of our stressful requirements and activities since I’m in my final year on college (with God’s grace and mercy!!). With that, I can’t find enough time to post this one. Especially our final exams is coming up in two weeks and we’re like drowning with the stress due to some of our professors bombarding us with school works.

Not to mention my state right now. As some of you remember from my prior posts that I found out that I’ve been suffering from depression. And at this point in time, after reading various articles (from the net, newspaper & even listening unexpectedly in the radio), I’m pretty much puzzled as to what type of depression I’ve been tangled into way before. And I’ve been having thoughts of going into consultation perhaps, if time and ample courage permits me.
With regards with my look atm, well, I can’t seem to hold myself away from my excessive adornment with florals. ‪#‎SorryNotSorry‬ right there. Teehee!

There are really those times where we just don’t care if what we wear is in trend or not, what matters to us is our personal preference. Though I’m not saying that floral is out of trend or whatsoever, okay? My point is, we shouldn’t force or perhaps, sacrifice our own style preference just for us to be able to follow today’s trend. Got my point?

Flower Crown from Jellybean | Floral vest from Forever 21 | Shoes and skirt from SM Dept Store

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Simple As That

Annyeong! As some of you read in my preceding posts that I’m been very busy with school works and not to mention the tantrums of the Typhoon Glenda precluded me even more from getting things done. What made it worst is all the stress and disappointments ate me alive. I got sick last week that made me not attend my OJT duties and my Friday classes.

And if you’re wondering why I’ve been disappointedd these days, well. I affixed million times before that I fondly get attached too fast to people that I meet. Recently, I have this one friend that I met in our church. I got close to her in a snap of a finger. And as days and weeks go by, we became like salt and pepper. Then the next thing I know, she’s like avoiding and ignoring me like crazy. At present, I sent her numerous messages on Facebook and she left all of those unread up to now.

As far as I remember, I didn’t do anything that may lead us to this. And I was like, why do people find it easy to leave me hanging and throw our friendship/relationship in the trash bin just like that? I had enough of people leaving me for no apparent reason. It felt like I could form the littlest emotional attachment to any person in the world and still get hurt in the process. Friends, more than friends and the like.

What hurts the most is despite of all the pain that those people caused me, they have this special place in my heart that I don’t seem to find out how to remove. Rarely in our lives do we get what we wish for and you know you can’t hold on forever. For sometimes, it’s holding on that makes us weak. When you know you shouldn’t be missing that person who just took you for granted.

With that, perhaps we never really stop missing someone, even after you’ve moved on. You just simply get used to the fact that you’re missing them, changing the way you deal with their absence. Reverting to the real intention of this post, let’s proceed to the look itself.

With my earnest delight to relax due to exasperating school works, I opted to a more relaxed, hazy and casual look!

Striped Coverup from WAGW | Black Skater Skirt from SM Dept Store | Flower Crown from Jellybean

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What’s The Fuss: Pitch Black

Sorry for being a little bit insolvent in the compelling world of fashion these days. Err, I mean, in the Lookbook community. Well, in view of the fact that finals are coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been unsurpassingly stressed with school works since my junior college days is about to bid farewell.*sniff!* plus my grandma has been confined for three weeks in the hospital. And now that she’s out (since last week), we decided to let her stay (together with my grandpa and aunt) temorarily reside here in our house in Bulacan for a while. So it’s hard to juggle things up especially when your heart is not in good shape. Emo feels! *covers face*

Change topic! Anyway, back to our preceding topic, I hope you understand why I’ve been gone in a while in blogging and LB. 😦 Moving further, can we carry on with my What’s The Fuss? anthology of looks? Shall we?

Geuriwo Haeyo

~ Well, I indubitably bet all my fellow Blackjacks out there would ascertain in a snap on where/who did I get the inspiration of this look, yes? 2ne1, nolza! Sorry for all non-blackjacks and non-kpop fans out there which most probably raising eyebrows right now, clueless on what am I talking as of this moment, isn’t it? Anyway, prior to watching the MV of 2ne1’s Missing You/Geuriwo haeyo, I came up with this look!

cats (5)

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Black Sweater from Passport | Black Skater Skirt from Forever 21

Coup D’Etat

~ My edgy side is being bare well on this anthology, huh? Anyhow, incorporating monochromatic duo together, black shirt and bottoms, with denim buttondown, here’s the upshot!


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Black shirt from AM Blvd | Black Beanie from Khush | Denim Buttondown from Guess

YG Baby!

~ My YG Stan-self took over on this look! My brother/fellow YG Stan, assented to turn our plain black tee into customized YG shirt. Then again, to those who can’t seem to decipher what am I chatttering about, YG is one of the foremost leading agency in Korea. As a devoted fangirl, I made a look jaunting my excessive fangirl-ing on YG.

cats (11)

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YG Shirt (customized) | Floral Buttondown and Black Ribbon Head Wear from Forever 21 | Black Tights from Q Queen

Let It Go

~ For the last installment for the said series, upon spazzing on my black top with leopard print in the bottom and flower crown I recently bought, I dole out with a decision of putting them together! How does it look?


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Flower Crown from Jelly Bean | Black top | Black Tights from Q Queen

Here are the individual links of the seperate blog posts of each of those:

Geuriwo Haeyo

Coup D’Etat

YG Baby!

Let It Go


Awakening Board September-November 2013

Cheery afternoon, my loves! *happy birthday song playing* Oh yes, it’s my 20th birthday last month! And yes, you’re not dreaming. I’m back for good! :3

For that, lez proceed with my awakening board for the three months that gone by. Yes, I know it’s way too overdue for I usually do awakening board for 1 and a half and not three months that have past. So expect this would be most likely my longest awakening board ever, perhaps. Lez proceed anyway, shall we?

(1) Gong Cha’s House Special Milk Alisan MT with Pudding

~ Well, as several of you ascertain my unyielding fixation for milk teas, I opted for the strongest flavor, Alisan, in one of my most adored milk tea brand, Gong Cha (which I bet my fellow milk te crazies would agree). Though this flavor wasn’t my foremost favorite at Gong Cha but aside from my name was included in the title (Ally-Alisan), but it also made my reluctance (before) to try flavors that I wasn’t that accustomed yet. Empirically, that was my rookie-on-milk-teas self. But since milk tea has been a huge essential to me for the past few months, I get used to its novel & hybrid taste. For that, I tend to play with different sinkers & flavors on diverse milk tea brands. Doing some comparing thingy (Stay tuned with copious Milk Tea Tidbits blog posts in the coming weeks!)

(2) Demi Lovato, my-lovatic-self vaunting wildly
~ If you predominantly know me well, you would ascertain how gripped and inordinately fixated I am to Demetria. Hihi! Perhaps, aside from her unrivalled beauty and benevolent heart, I frequently find by myself humming to the beat of one of her songs in a random time of the day. For I can factually relate to it and we’re in the same page in some ways. Like me, she grew up being excessively bullied and she inspire me to be like her, being able to overcome her insecurities & have blossomed like a wild flower flourishing in her field of expertise. Candidly, she’s the principal reason why I started watching X Factor USA last season & the current. And if it wasn’t for her, being on a numerous episodes of Glee Season 5, I would completely lose my interest on watching the latter because my girlfriend, Dianna Agron wouldn’t be in it anymore. *fangirling*

(3) Ze fashion conyo’s official icon/watermark
~ This blog of mine, Ze Fashion Conyo ,had its hiatus for the longest time now. And it breaks my heart to be invisible in the blogging industry for such a longwinded time. I promise I would intently make it up to you. Having said that, I made my new & first ever official icon. Pat on the back, Ally! Tee hee! Stay tuned for my back logs and the watermark I ‘m talking about on my look backlogs & new looks, yes?

(4) Milk tea milk tea milk tea! :3
~ Oops, my bad! How fixated can I get? Sorry if I sounded too superfluously smitten with milk teas, alright? Hihi! Let’s say milk tea is part of me already. My friends & most of my classmates would know it’s me when they see a girl chirpily sipping into the straw of her milk tea & gleefully staring & stirring its sinkers from time to time without seeing my face. Furthermore, stay tuned for my top 8 (or 10, when I change my mind afterwards!) milk teas I ordered the most. It’s predominantly the ones I ordered from time to time. So, it was perhaps, some of my foremost favorites. Here’s a teaser photo!


(5) My boy & girl crushes! ❤
~ I’ve been hankering to dole out all my fangirl-ing in one blog post in the past few months! So, I decided to make a blog post that would feature my top 4 boy crushes & girl crushes (each). Not to spill the beans too much, just spazz with this teaser photo first!

(6) My fashion inspirations
~Here’s some of my fashion inspirations I look intently copiously.

Two-Way Street

Indubitablely, I ascertain that everyone of us have their own circle of friends & people who no matter how hard we try of erasing them from our lives, it just kept on haunting us and we always end up going back to them, isn’t it? Glum as it may be, but these are the ones we can’t steer clear of. Oh well!

In any relationship, it should always be a two-way street. In other words, as what we frequently hear from here and there, the principle of give and take should be in the picture. It’s alright to let others give and dole out their blessings (or perhaps, anything they can offer to you that money can’t buy like their love, time and effort). There’s utterly nothing wrong with that as long as you know how to give something back to them when you’ve given a chance.

Like for instance, when your friends fondly treats you for merienda or lunch, perhaps, it’s alright to be in raptures and euphoricly cheery, but you should also by hook or by crook, give something back to them like treating them for a snack to nibble or perhaps, treat them on your birthday. As what they say, Wag puro kabig. Wag take ng take. Learn to give din! In love/special relationships we have, it’s okay to let your special someone exert effort to make you feel how special you are to them. But never take it for granted rather, give them back the ardour and love they give to you. For people has its limitations. When they feel that they are predominantly abused, well, you can’t blame them if they someday come to a decision to leave you.

As for my case, I get easily attached to people (I know I’ve appraised this before in my past blog post). I think that’s one of the principal reason why people tend to abuse for me for my excessive amity and bounty towards them. I frequently dole out more than I can offer to the people I consider dear to me. That’s why by a wide margin, most people take advantage it negatively.I don’t know why I find it so hard to leave people behind but those people effortlessly leave me behind though I’ve given too much for them to feel how special they are to me. Pardon me for my kadramahan, will you? I just need to vent this substantial burden my heart is bearing since the world began.

Good thing, God is always there for me. As what in His word says in Psalms 73:26 (which is one of my favorite verses), “My heart and my flesh may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Apart from Him, we are nothing. I deem when I don’t have Him with me, I gave up and I wouldn’t be able to get through with all these hefty burdens and feeling that I am so little I’m grappling with.

Going back with our main topic of relationships mugging up its factual disposition in our lives and converging how it should be deal with, we should learn to appreciate and never disregard those people who takes time, exerts effort and bestow all the love they can offer just to make you feel how they hold dear and special you are to them. Moreover, we must supervene with the give and take principle in all relationships we have with people and never hesitate to mete out & share our blessings to others for we will be blessed by giving back to others. (Mark 9:41)



Before we get too serious, say hello to August! 🙂

As the weather splits up, sun and rain fought non stop for the spot, so is the haphazard thoughts hurling into our roguish minds that tend to confuse us to declare a decision in order for us to carry on with our respective lives, numerous interrogations arises and tend to deviate our point of view on the dark side that gives us the urge to do the wrong thing that put us in deep trouble.

Sometimes, though it contradicts on the nature of people, not being able to survive alone, each one of us should have our alone time where we could cogiate and internalize things that kept on bothering us and which we find hard to unravel and get to the bottom of. We should perceive and have a reality check once in a while.

Here’s some of the realities we should patently fathom and dole on to others, as well.

#RealityCheck Nothing lasts forever!

-When something came into your life that you’re exceedingly beholden, make the most out of it. For it would someday disappear. This is general. Like for example, when it’s your dream of becoming well known and notable actor/actress, it may be overwhelming and ecstatically too surreal being the center of attention all the time. But then, it would soon die down so you shouldn’t waste your salary on claptrap and always stay humble (Proverbs 15:33). For when your fame dissipates, the people who used to appreciate you wouldn’t hesitate to leave you. And on love, when you felt like that the guy/girl you’re with loves you more than anything in this world, don’t be infallible and dependent on that person too much. Like what they say, /Lahat ng sobra, masama!/ And as for success’ case, even you feel like you’re in the foremost position on your craft already and feel like you know everything, don’t be too vainglorious. Even Einstein had his bewildering turndowns and rebuffs.

#RealityCheck Everything/everyone is subject to change.

– No one should think that they don’t have the power to alter and amend themselves to become a more well off and better version of themselves. That they are hopeless and a failure just because they fail to perform well on their expertise. If you just let God help you, you will never be in stain (Isaiah 50:7). But of course, don’t be like /Juan Tamad/ who merely sat under the tree and slept with his mouth open, waiting for the tree’s fruits to fall on his mouth. When you desire change to take place in your life, it should start from you. Do whatever it takes to attain it in a way that you would also mug up new discoveries in order for you to share it with the people around you. And when life teaches you a lesson or confer you a warning to change a certain behavior, you shouldn’t take it as “Life is so unfair! Why me?”, Instead, take it as a blessing and say, “God, this may be distressing for me, but please help me to learn from this.” (Proverbs 16:3)

#RealityCheck Everything happens for a reason.

– Life may seem unfair and bigoted at times, cliche as it may sound. But everything happens for a reason. We may not fully cognize and discern clearly what it is, for now. But in due time, we would. All we have to do is put our hopes in Him (Romans 5:5). Like Abraham (Romasn 4:18-22), against all hope, though he had every reason not to trust God, he still did. So whenever you feel the world is against you and you can’t precisely make out the reason behind all of it, just put on the full armor of God so that you can endure hardships when the evil comes to pound you with anxiety and distress (Romans 6:13-17).

#RealityCheck Don’t force yourself to a person/to people who doesn’t want you around them.

– When you’re type of person who do whatever it takes to give their best to the people they exceedingly hold dear that was by and large take advantage of negatively by most people, when someone just take your presence for granted and you feel like they just want the idea of someone is chasing after them but you can tell by their actions that they don’t consider you as someone substantial and significant to them and they can carry on with their life without you, stop letting them manoeuvre and have power over you and start moving on with your life without them. It will just make you feel petty and like you’re so negligble.

These realities may sound so unfussy and austere. Cliche as it all may be but we can’t largely fathom and get a hold of it. We must mug up and resign ourselves to it, in order for us to give rise to a decision that we wouldn’t have regrets in the end of the day. For when you probe and mull over things and take a crack at it first and seek to assidiously get the picture before doing anything, you will gain favor (Proverbs 13:15;14:18)

A man is praised according to his wisdom, but men with warped minds are despised. -Proverbs 12:8