Stronger Than You Know


Hello there! How are you guys doing? Pat on the back, I’m staying true to my goal of making up for the late posts I’ve convened recently. Although I decided to be in hiatus on /Lookbook/ for now since I can’t seem to open it. No, scratch that. I can open the site but it’s not functioning well.

Anyhow, dealing with the diverse changes that’s been taking place in my life now (I’ve mentioned it on my previous posts) and after I’ve internalized and had the time to process things that happened before, it made me realize how important it is to be wise and careful with the people you’re gonna invest into and who you must disregard and let go.

Like for instance, would you go for a friend who’s with you everyday but when trial comes or when you need someone to help you process your thoughts and weigh things that bother you, you can’t count on her/him? Or would you rather go with someone you don’t get to meet and be with everyday/frequently but you can always (like, always!) count on them whenever you need someone to talk to and they can always help you with anything? Truth be told, I would go with the latter. I have friends like that who I seldom meet but with just one click, they always put up with anything under the sun.

On the other hand, would you opt for a guy/girl who let’s say, excels on the same field of study as yours and you guys have the same fixation on many things but seems immature on certain things and doesn’t know yet what it’s like to be in a relationship and how to treat girls/guys right? Or would you go for someone who’s not fond of some of the things that you enjoy and used to doing (for example, he’s not fond of hanging out just as you do) and you sometimes find him/her too matured than you are right now but he/she helps you how to overcome those doubts and insecurities you have inside you, he/she knows how to handle relationships and he/she brings out the best in you?

My point is, we have to ascertain who are the ones who deserve to stay in our lives and the ones who don’t even deserve even an inch of us. Who to keep and who to discard before you develop an incredible attachment on someone and it’s too late to back out. Comprehending this after 21 years of living here on earth screams “Don’t be so shallow and stupid! Use your brain!” Suffice to say, we should act according on what we know rather than on what we feel. Don’t let your emotions manipulate your decisions wholly. Make sure you don’t let anyone take you for granted like I did before.

Upon speaking of maturity, it’s very timely that I’m wearing an vintage-y statement shirt like this. Teehee! ;) And this particular look shows my present color palette nowadays which to be honest, I think will somehow change as I enter the business world and bid farewell to my school uniform. Aww! *mixed emotions*






Bowler Hat & Ribbon Cuff from H&M | Statement Shirt from Artwork | Watch from Swatch

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Light Up The Sky


Annyeong! How are you all doing? Pardon me for not posting summer looks, eh? Maybe it’s because I’m posting most of our vacation in Baguio a couple months ago. I posted it late due to job interviews I’ve been in, various events that had past and such. This week is probably my most just-hanging-around week in a while after I started applying for a job online, had job interviews, spent time with my lovely cousins and whatsoever. It’s like I’m not in the house most of the time these days. But I know and believe it would all be worth it the moment I finally get hired.

With my current disposition compared to where I’m in before, I must say a lot of things has changed. When I say a lot, as in A LOT. As to my current status, I’m no longer a student. But I’m apparently planning to take a 1 year course at SoFA (School of Fashion & the Arts ) or FIT (Fashion Institute of the Philippines) next year or so. Although it would all depend on the work schedule I would have. After 3-5 years, I aspire to take my Master’s Degree in Business Administration. I haven’t decided as to what school but I’m really praying I would be able to attain this goals I have. I guess you really never stop having that desire to learn new things and having that courage to pursue your dreams if there’s someone who brings out the best in you, right? You know who you are! ;)

As an addition to the changes that’s taking in place in my life which to be honest, overwhelms me but fascinates me at the same time, I noticed that my style of clothing is evolving too. I used to have a queer fixation on neon colors and printed staples. Which I can’t even comprehend now as to why did I even get fixated with those. Why? Well, perhaps, it’s because those avowed pieces were actually the opposite of what kind I’m wearing now. I don’t compel myself to follow trends like what others fond of doing. I wear what I want to wear and I wear the ones that will show what I’m made of. Cliche as most of us would perceive it but you are what you wear.





Marsala Beanie & Skater Skirt from H&M | Kitty Leggings from Claire’s | Shoes from Payless

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Baguio | Day 3

Okay, here we go again with my late posts. I’m really, sincerely, immensely, totally, certainly, exceedingly, absolutely, completely sorry. As some of you may know that I’m currently in the process of transitioning from being a student for so many years into being soon to be yuppie. Time flies so fast, eh?

Anyway, let’s proceed with our day 3 in Benguet, Baguio City which I insanely want so bad for someone to take me back there – NOW! The weather here in the PH is driving me nuts. It’s like the moment you step out of the house, sweat will start to say hello right away.

Waking up at 4am in the morning, we skipped breakfast (Uh, not really!) and went straight to the renowned and overhyped Sitio La Presa as seen on ABS CBN’s Forevermore, which is originally Mount Cabuyao and since we know for a fact that it’s much colder there than the rest of Baguio, we came to a decision to wear winter-like clothes. As we are on our way there, before the insanely breezy cold feels shed light on us, our eyes witnessed these sights.










As we get near La Presa, it’s getting colder and we forgot to bring scarf and gloves to lessen the chills we’re getting. For we honestly didn’t expect it would be that incredibly cold. My brother even wore shorts! Good thing, my aunt brought extra. When we reached La Presa halfway, we wanted to have the experience of walking all the way there and embrace the chills we’re getting and so we did. What we didn’t see coming was the muddy road due to the rainy weather last night. So it somehow lessen the purportedly fun of the walk we took.






We went to the actual location of Forevermore in Sitio La Presa and I had the chance to sit on the lover’s bench of Xander and Agnes. (the two main characters of the said telenovela) Then we walked around further and saw the location where Agnes’ family at La Presa plants as farmers.


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Graduation Day

It has always been my dream to finish schooling and now, it came to reality and I can’t even convene how grateful I am to God for letting me so. Anyhow, what if you guys let me convey what went down in my graduation day last April 17, yes? I know it’s a bit late but pardon my job hunting for keeping me insanely busy for the past few weeks that had past.

It was then 7:30 am when we arrived at PICC and of course, we took photos first at the entrance, lobby and such.




Since I can’t and I don’t want to be late, not before long, we went inside then the graduation ceremony started at 8:00am and was concluded at 11:30am.



And as a blogger, I didn’t blow the chance of having my OOTD at the lobby. Here’s me, showing off the design of the back part of my dress. :P


Afterwards, my mom decided to join in. My brother and I supposed to take more photos but since our tummies were screaming for immediate help, my mom took the camera and just captured photos carelessly and so we can’t help but laugh!



Upon arriving at La Fiesta, the largest buffet in the country which caters different cuisines and so trust me when I say you really can’t possibly get to taste all of the foods they are offering. Srsly. Although we’re insanely starving, we didn’t fill our tummies to the fullest because we’re still gonna be having dinner later on that day with my dearest grandparents since they were left at our house due to my Lola’s sprained hip which made it hard for her to travel from one place to another.

Here’s some of the food that I ate: (Sorry I didn’t able to take some of it!)





And my mom, Paula and I were given a cake and people from La Fiesta, together with the vocalist of the live band that has been playing live at La Fiesta sang us a song. Although mine was a bit awkward since the vocalist is used to the Happy Birthday song than the “Happy Graduation to you”.








Going home, we took the time to chill for about half an hour then we went to the nearest Great Image from our house and had fun as we have our family picture there.






aaaaaaa (2)

aaaaaaaa (2)

Last activity of the day but definitely not the least, we ate dinner at Max’s to wrap up the day. Although we’re a bit full from La Fiesta so we just ate a light meal then.


 To God, be the glory!

Baguio | Day 2

Sorry for being late on posting this. I know I should have posted this a couple of days ago. Due to numerous job interviews I attended, I wasn’t able to post it in due time.

Anyway, let me start off with our day 2 in Baguio. We instigated our day having our breakfast at Cafe By The Ruins which we bluntly discovered from the movie, That Thing Called Tadhana. More details soon on my #BaguioEats post so you better keep your lines open, yes?



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Everyone’s Got Something


Ohayu gozaimasu! How are you guys doing? Sorry for being inactive for the past couple of weeks. Well, I must say that things are really shifting and change is taking place in alost all facets of my life. My graduation was held last Friday at PICC Plenary Hall (Stay tuned for my blog post about that big day I had this week!) and I already start the ball rolling with regards to job hunting online such as at Job Street and JobsDB.

It felt like it all came so fast and next thing I know, the girl who just read the newspaper and head straight to the entertainment section and nothing else turned to a graduating student who never want to waste time after finishing college with that, looks forward to job fairs and go directly to the classified ads in the newspaper.
Just to be candid, I used to be the happy-go-lucky type who doesn’t take life too seriously. I was the unmotivated one and everything was all fun and games to me. Before.

In just a snap, I became the hungry for success type. The one who aims to find a job (a stable one, hopefully!) right after college. Maybe it’s all because of my insecurities that made me to a person I’m today. To all those people who belittled and underestimated me that’s pushing me to do better and attain the success I’m yearning for.
In order for me to prove all those people wrong for not believing in me and which later on made me not to believe in myself as well. For my insecurities to vanish into thin air and when the wind comes swirling back to me, all of it would turn into confidence and the heart that has been torn would finally meet its sunshine.

As for this look, it was what I wore during our second day in Baguio last month. Yes, last month. I know my day 2 & 3 travel diary was immensely overdue. And please forgive me for being late on posting it due to my preparation for graduation and stuff. And I sincerely promise that I would be posting the Baguio | Day 2 tomorrow. Back to the actual look, this came a bit of a surprise to me. Since I originally planned of pairing my oversized checkered shirt dress with my black skater skirt instead of my violet-marsala skirt. Due to my comfort-over-style rule, I decided to wear the marsala one then. Because there would never be an excuse with conforming to what you think will look lovely on the outside but deep inside you, you’re not genuinely comfortable on what you’re wearing, right?








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More photos of this look on tomorrow’s day 2 of my Baguio travel diary. Stay tuned!

Baguio | Day 1

As promised, I’m gonna dole out the lowdown of the highlights of our Baguio 3-day vacation last week. What I will do is convene the events per day. So this blog post would convey our first day in Baguio.

On our way there, waking up super early, I really thought I would be sticking my nose on my pillow and sleep. But then, with Paula on my side, I only managed to nap almost an hour and what I did on the whole trip was these:





As we plan as to what place are we staying, my mom said that her former peer in Qatar Airways owns a vacation house at Baguio but since she won’t be able to come with us, we decided to stay at /Baguio Holiday Villa./ My cousins by the way (Paula and Renz), Tito Rene, Tita Grace, my aunt (Tita Lulu) who we usually go out with and my brother are my companions on this particular trip.

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Take It Slow


Hi there! As what I avowed in my Facebook account, few days ago, we had a 3-day-vacay at Baguio City, Benguet. And absolutely, we had fun in the most spectacular way (well, almost!). Stay tuned for my blog post on what went down in our three giddy day vacay in Baguio.

As we grow up, we let ourselves engross and interact with diverse kinds of people. Some stay, some came just to pass by and let us learn life lessons that we haven’t fathom yet. Most of them come and sadly, leave us for no apparent reason. Maybe God let those people leave for us to open our doors with better ones who will intend to stay with us for long.

With that, we have to be prudent and wise as to who will we let ourselves to. Back when I was a kid, I used to be over generous and too friendly with my friends to the point of them, taking advantage of me. Back then, I was too naive to realize such mistake. And so as I grow up, I still continue doing the said attitude in all of my relationships with everyone I value. And that perhaps, led me to meeting people who thinks only of their own welfare even if it means hurting other people.

Furthermore, we should choose discerningly who will we invest our time and effort with. And when you know for a fact that you’re with a person who will not radiate the best in you, you gotta stop it right away. Otherwise, you’re just giving that person the chance to take you for granted.

As for this look, since we seldom stay in an all day keen place, I grabbed the opportunity to wear pieces which I cannot wear in the usual disposition I am in the Philippines. Here it is!







A Message to All Graduates



My shameless selfie slash OOTD says, Hello! :) That was from yesterday’s Graduates’ Banquet at our church. Business professionals from a church and our head pastor doled out some life lessons, advices and thoughts to ponder for us to be roused to work hard as we enter the corporate world. Free meals and ESV bible were given out as well. (My favorite food choices among the food catering were included here.)












(c) Jurry Flores & Cathedral of Praise :)

As I set off to attend the disclosed event, I made sure that I would not depart without attaining new knowledge and heap various thoughts to ponder in order for me to be primed with transitioning from a student to a professional as I cross the threshold of the corporate world.

One thing we are to be acquainted with is that every foundation in our lives are all on the process of change. We are given the free will to decide for ourselves. Therefore, we are to choose the path we will take wisely. Facts are no longer relevant. Wisdom is.

We are ought to fathom that everything’s gonna change. Except for God. He will never ever change. And we are thought that we have to learn how to play into our strength. The harder we work, the more God will bless us. After all, as what it is avowed in Proverbs 14:23, all hard work brings profit but mere talk leads only to poverty.

We should always come early, go home late and converge ourselves with working hard. It was said that when you have reputation of being a hard worker, many companies will go after you. And we have to show off on time always.

What do you prefer? Slow or quick success? If we covet the quick one, we are to examine our steps and take the steps that are firm. (Proverbs 4:26). We are to find a job that we know we would enjoy carrying out. For if you hate your job, what’s the purpose of doing so then? If you screw up, never hesitate to apologize. For it shows that you’re growing and learning. We shouldn’t let ourselves commit the same mistakes again and again. And that applies in every facet of our lives.

Not In That Way


Annyeong! Sorry for being inactive for the past month. School works piled up, diverse requirements jammed and stress get the best of me. And uhh, well, my heart’s disposition is.. I don’t know how to put this. But I must admit, I’m finally beginning to push myself not to be too selfless when it comes to love and start thinking what do I really deserve.
Especially stop wasting my time and feelings for the wrong person. That’s why I’m opening my heart to others but still be wise and very careful at the same time. There’s this guy I recently met. At first, I was like: “Finally!” But and BUT, I don’t wanna assume anything yet. Too early for that. And of course, the past (almost) 2 years I became close minded and blinded with the wrong guy has taught me a lot.
Having said that, I promise myself not to let myself fall into the wrong person that will stir up trouble and painful conundrum into my heart later on again. Therefore, I shouldn’t let myself get attached to that guy I just met recently – yet. After all, I’m not yet certain if he likes me or he just want the both of us to be friends and just friends. Just gotta guard my heart and take it slow. If it’s meant to be, God will make a way for us to end up being together. If not, wag naman sana! Just kidding! Jesus, take the wheel! smile emoticon

Let’s carry on with my look for the day. To be blunt, this is apparently a back log. And obviously, I’m sticking out my nose with an all black ensemble, keeping it clean and not too over the top.






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