I Almost Do

Oh well! If you haven’t perceived, it’s my second look for this week, isn’t it? Lemme expalin that. In the preceding two weeks, I inadvertently didn’t post any look in /lookbook/ and look post here, as well. 😦 And I know any reason would be bona fide for it. Especially for me, an aspiring blogger who has not yet have a name in the blogging industry, right?

There’s always room for improvement, yes? Consequently, I’m making up by posting a couple of looks or so this week. Having said that, let’s stick out with my look at the moment. I know that I’m not of a beauty queen or popstar as I now look but oh well! I just thought of amalgamating my look with one of the most auspicious popstars at present which is no other than Taylor Swift. Oh wewewait! I may look or sound assuming to some of you. I know for a fact that I completely don’t look like her.

I just decided to incorporate her flair in her extant album, Red, with my own style. With my unduly exhilaration and keenness on wearing my new ballerina-like skirt, I unequivocally thought of making it as my bottom ensemble for this particular look. And I’m to a great extent over the moon with the result.

Here it is:


Striped polo from Thrift Shop in HK, Skirt from Forever 21, Shades from Sting

Hat from Yhansy, Necklace from Rebel Gear, Boots from SAX

Hype this Lookbook.nu!


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