Ain’t Nobody


Oh hey! How are you? As for me, well, it’s our final period which equates to numerous defense for our thesis, feasibility study and the like. In short, stress! What makes it heavier than ever is my state is getting worst. My clinical depression in particular. I felt like I’m tired of loving. Scratch that. It’s like I’m sick of being stuck in the same conundrum. Loving without being loved back.

It has been said that time heals all wounds. I don’t agree for the wounds remain. In time, the mind protecting its sanity covers them and the pain lessens. Sometimes, in order for us not to get hurt further, we have to set aside the why’s. There’s a lot of questions but you don’t get to fathom all the answers. Perhaps, in time, everything will be alright. Everyone is a fool when they’re in love. We defy all the logical things in the world.

Furthermore, what I’ve learned from it was if you’re meant to be with someone, it will happen. You can’t force love. Even if your first love becomes unrequited, you should move on. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Maybe someone better is meant for you. Someone who will always be there and will never ever give up on you whatever life renders you. Someone who would never hurt you intentionally and would never ever replace you with another.

Someone who will never takes pleasure in messing with your feelings and plays with it like some random toy from a toy store and throws it at the floor when they’re fed up with you. Someone who’s brave and man enough to prove to you how much you mean to them. Whatever it takes. Maybe mine was caught in a traffic. Or maybe not? Only God knows. We will meet in God’s time. *winks*

Okay the lovesick commotion ends here. Sorry if I always have those frequently here in le blog nowadays. Due to my tedious state and my fixation for indie and love drunk songs atm, dark pieces never gets old in my clothes. It’s more of a staple for me. As what they say, the clothes you wear reflects what you are and what you feel inside that you don’t get to express lightheartedly for the fear of getting misjudged.






Floral Cover up from Diamond | Bow Headband from Forever 21 | Black Bow cuff from H&M

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Really Don’t Care


Oh my! If some of you might recognized that my look posts in the preceding week has been posted a bit late than it should be, right? And I’m terribly sorry for it! Blame it on my OJT slash fourth year life’s ying yang! Plus my not-so-okay-but-slowly-getting-better heart.

Well, every moment of our lives has the ability to be life changing, some of them more so than the others. And we’re all constantly growing through these moments. Even the bad moments need to happen in order for the good ones to come.

Just like you can’t have a sky with nothing but bright stars. There will always be some dim stars here and there, scattered among the bright ones. And because of this, the sky becomes more meaningful and much more breathtaking. Carrying on with my look for the day, what happens when my love for love for food and fixation for food explodes? The love child of Nutella, sparkly polo & tutu skirt has been born!

Copy of DSC_0388

Copy of DSC_0257


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What’s The Fuss: Tutu Skirt

Copious months ago, if you’d shed light on my lookbook, I had runs of looks wearing one of the pieces I’m pretty much fixated with nowadays – tutu skirts! Yeah, I know I’m more of an edgy earthling than a girly dah-ling. But let’s give my girly side a chance, can we? Though I bet my edgy self would still bare its wings. Tee hee!

First in ze series is Never Gone. This was the one I with my brother took every ounce of courage and have the valour to have our look shoot at the main road of our subdivision in our house in Bulacan. Leather jackets never fails to bequeath spunkiness in any look. Evidently, my thing for florals did came to light once more. What do you guys think?

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Next up was At The Rear of Shriveling Sun, which was an indoor look we pilfered at our terrace. The crack of dawn made its way and something in me calls to situate a vintage feel and wear my shades that has a circular lens (which gives the classic vibe) to cobble together florals and denim in a way that it would still stick out my edgy side in the presence of my black tutu.

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Third of the pack was โ€ŽComplex Trance which is I can I say is largely the utmost edgy look of the series. It is also the one which I found hard to shoot. Why? If you read my blog post about /this/, you wouldn’t be surprised. For me to balance and slot in feminity and manly pieces, I decided to commingle skull and sparkly tutu skirt together.

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Last but not the least, Next To Me as the introductory look for my animal prints series (which was posted after the tutu series), after infesting my wardrobe, I incorporated zebra-printed blazer with a graphic printed tee. Then again, bluntly, I’m an against the sun fresco and so, when the daylight came, I together with my brother photographer, went cray cray and took our respective look shots. Apparently, this is also a (first) part of the animal prints series (will be posted next week or so.)

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Happy hyping, sweeties! Tuned in next week for my subsequent WTF post. But this time, it was ze animal prints turn to flaunt and glare of fame.


Complex Trance

And now, may I present to you, the third installation of my impulsive tutu series of looks (along with At The Rear of Shrivel Sun, Never Gone).ย And to be blunt with all of you, this look would be one of the most challenging & very impudent location that I’ve been to. Look!

I’m wearing heels and the ground was not that consistent and even. So I seek help form my brother/photographer so I can stand properly. In fact, the first set of photos I took was wasted because my legs are so absurd-looking! But then, after that, it went well already. You judge! ๐Ÿ™‚

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Never Gone

In addition to my tutu series, here’s the second one. Pardon me for being such a ย fan of florals and tutu skirts. Tee hee! Apparently, I together with my bro killed our boredom and tried overcoming those unwanted stares we get whenever we took look shoots/photoshoots in our subdivision. How? We cottoned on and took stockpiled courage heading to the main road and having our lookshoot beside the joshing bushes at the corner.

At first, we’re a bit hesitant of doing so, although, to be scrupulous, we’ve been planning to have our shoot there but we’re just skeptical because since it’s the main road, consequently, there is a 90% chance of people and vehicles would pass by us and the owner of the house (where the bushes were) ย might caught us there. But then, we went on courageously there.

Here’s the denouement:




ย bushlook

Leather Jacket from Mango, Floral Tank top from It’s Paquette!, Necklace from Forever 21

White Tutu Skirt, Boots from SAX

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Of Denim, Floral & Tutu

Here’s an indoor backlog that we shooted a couple of weeks ago. And ta-dah! Floral is making its way on the limelight again. How zany can I get on florals? ๐Ÿ™‚ But this time, I incorporated it with denim and my fascination for florals’ rival which is tutu! Haha! I must say I’m being so to a great extent, immensely adorned by tutu skirts nowadays! And so, here’s my first of the series of tutu looks. How you all get amiable with it!

Denim Polo from Next, Floral Tee from Bershka

Circular Shades from Sting

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