Never Gone

In addition to my tutu series, here’s the second one. Pardon me for being such a  fan of florals and tutu skirts. Tee hee! Apparently, I together with my bro killed our boredom and tried overcoming those unwanted stares we get whenever we took look shoots/photoshoots in our subdivision. How? We cottoned on and took stockpiled courage heading to the main road and having our lookshoot beside the joshing bushes at the corner.

At first, we’re a bit hesitant of doing so, although, to be scrupulous, we’ve been planning to have our shoot there but we’re just skeptical because since it’s the main road, consequently, there is a 90% chance of people and vehicles would pass by us and the owner of the house (where the bushes were)  might caught us there. But then, we went on courageously there.

Here’s the denouement:





Leather Jacket from Mango, Floral Tank top from It’s Paquette!, Necklace from Forever 21

White Tutu Skirt, Boots from SAX

Hype this on!



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