Change Your Ticket


Annyeong! Today’s the end of 2014 & apparently the start of another year, (2015) which commonly most of us desire to have their fair share of aspiring to start anew and be the better version of ourselves. But very seldom that we stay true, consistently stick and live by those so-called resolution/s we engage themselves with.
New year’s resolution as most of us perceive it. When you really, really, (like really!) want a big change (in a good way, obviously) to take place in your everyday life, then do something about it. Because no one can ever help you change but yourself.
And in order for you to do that successfully, you have to think first of all your life goals (be distinct), formulate ways on how you can be able to pursue those & stick with it – with all your heart, soul & mind! What’s the sense of coming up with life goals if you’ll just disregard it afterwards? You’re just making fool out of yourself & end up getting worst than ever.

As for me, I’m not that serious with goals, resolutions and stuff before. But of course, as we grow up, we get to learn new things from experience & other people. And worst, from pain. So as 2015 starts, I don’t wanna ever be in the place wherein I always have to run after people just for them to stay with me. If you don’t have plans of staying, then so be it. I’m not anybody’s toy or pet dog that you can ignore and leave in the pedestal whenever you want. Hey, I’m human. I have feelings too. Having said that, I decided to bid farewell to 2014 and to old habits/ways and people that I utterly value but don’t deserve it, as well. Yes it’s hard. But with God, I know I can do anything. And so, goodbye 2014 & to the people I love but don’t deserve my time, effort & tears. Annyeong, 2015!

With this, as seen on my facebook account, I had my first photoshoot for 2015 & here’s the outcome:





Checkered Button down from GUESS? | Bowler Hat from H&M | Tank Top from Zara | Tutu Skirt from Forever 21 | Boots from SAX

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Ain’t It Fun


Yeoboseyo! Oh yes, yes. I know most of you who already read my recent double look post looks rushed and dreary. I didn’t able to dole out the details of the two looks very well. It’s because of the numerous family celebrations and our school enrollment. I’m so sorry about that.

But I promise I’ll make it up to you, alright. Having said that, after this particular look post, stay tuned for a couple of photo diary of what made me all giddy this summer.

For now, let’s hash over my superfluous floral look! Well, summer is about to bid farewell *sniff* and so before wrapping it up, I decided to let my fixation for florals go down the line. Suffice to say that I’m gonna miss summer to the nth power!






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Plastic Roses

Here I am once again, trying to smell the scent of plastic roses. Tee hee! Pardon me for singing. For all blujays out there, wave your hands at me! 🙂 On the contrary, those who doesn’t get me & giving those weirdo glares, Plastic Roses was one of the effectual and formidable songs of Jessica Sanchez on her very first but exceedingly remarkable album, “Me, You & the Music”.

Anyway, since my floral obsession once again exudes after /Not So Hidden Mickey/, and this time, on this particular look, it bare its wings massively. Not just one floral piece was flashed on this one, but two! For that, I opted to wear a plain tank underneath my floral vest. Trivia anyone? Well, outspokenly, the floral vest I’m wearing here was originally a jacket. Pat on the back, ally! Tee hee! 🙂

Hereafter, lemme flaunt the twofold floral look! I seldom do looks with my hair like this. Hihi!

Floral vest (DIY) from Forever 21, floral bottoms from Expose, Bangles (part of a set) from Tomato, Boots from SAX

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Beam Me Up

Here we go with our second installation of my animal print series in my lookbook. Apparently, it’s becoming much of a zebra series. Since my first one and this current one were both led by zebra printed ones. And just a lil’ spoiler for you, le third one was on the same print, as well. But the fourth one would be.. a mystery for now! Tee hee! 🙂

Who wants a lil’ trivia? Well, did you know that the polka dot bottoms I’ve incorporated on this look was like so thread bare already? How old? It was the pants my mom used when I was inside her womb 19 years ago? So vintage! And so, don’t mind the crotch part of ze photos, will you? Just focus more on the look itself, yes?

Zebra top from Y Five, DIY necklace, Neon spikes cuff from Rebel Gear, Bangles from Tomato (part of a set)

Polka dot bottom from Mom’s closet, Tan leather boots from SAX

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Never Gone

In addition to my tutu series, here’s the second one. Pardon me for being such a  fan of florals and tutu skirts. Tee hee! Apparently, I together with my bro killed our boredom and tried overcoming those unwanted stares we get whenever we took look shoots/photoshoots in our subdivision. How? We cottoned on and took stockpiled courage heading to the main road and having our lookshoot beside the joshing bushes at the corner.

At first, we’re a bit hesitant of doing so, although, to be scrupulous, we’ve been planning to have our shoot there but we’re just skeptical because since it’s the main road, consequently, there is a 90% chance of people and vehicles would pass by us and the owner of the house (where the bushes were)  might caught us there. But then, we went on courageously there.

Here’s the denouement:





Leather Jacket from Mango, Floral Tank top from It’s Paquette!, Necklace from Forever 21

White Tutu Skirt, Boots from SAX

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Beware of Copycat

Here we go again for another backlog! These past weeks, as what I’ve mentioned before, we’re pretty much preoccupied by our preparations for my beloved grandparents’ golden anniversary. Interviewing riffraff of people, editing videos and a lot more. Moreover, pardon me for posting backlogs frequent than the usual.

This look shoot was taken at the subdivision on one of my cousin which we interviewed a few weeks ago. Furthermore, here it is:

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