What’s The Fuss: Tutu Skirt

Copious months ago, if you’d shed light on my lookbook, I had runs of looks wearing one of the pieces I’m pretty much fixated with nowadays – tutu skirts! Yeah, I know I’m more of an edgy earthling than a girly dah-ling. But let’s give my girly side a chance, can we? Though I bet my edgy self would still bare its wings. Tee hee!

First in ze series is Never Gone. This was the one I with my brother took every ounce of courage and have the valour to have our look shoot at the main road of our subdivision in our house in Bulacan. Leather jackets never fails to bequeath spunkiness in any look. Evidently, my thing for florals did came to light once more. What do you guys think?

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Next up was At The Rear of Shriveling Sun, which was an indoor look we pilfered at our terrace. The crack of dawn made its way and something in me calls to situate a vintage feel and wear my shades that has a circular lens (which gives the classic vibe) to cobble together florals and denim in a way that it would still stick out my edgy side in the presence of my black tutu.

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Third of the pack was β€ŽComplex Trance which is I can I say is largely the utmost edgy look of the series. It is also the one which I found hard to shoot. Why? If you read my blog post about /this/, you wouldn’t be surprised. For me to balance and slot in feminity and manly pieces, I decided to commingle skull and sparkly tutu skirt together.

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Last but not the least, Next To Me as the introductory look for my animal prints series (which was posted after the tutu series), after infesting my wardrobe, I incorporated zebra-printed blazer with a graphic printed tee. Then again, bluntly, I’m an against the sun fresco and so, when the daylight came, I together with my brother photographer, went cray cray and took our respective look shots. Apparently, this is also a (first) part of the animal prints series (will be posted next week or so.)

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Happy hyping, sweeties! Tuned in next week for my subsequent WTF post. But this time, it was ze animal prints turn to flaunt and glare of fame.



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