Oh hi lovely people! Massive shoutout to my fellow DG fangirls & fanboys out there. I know this might sound or look mababaw to some of you. But I’m sure solid fangirls and fanboys of David Guison would understand how hard it is to keep your chill when you unexpectedly David in person!

I’ve been a solid fan of him since I started blogging on late 2012. Believe it or not, but I’m more zany for Dave than my blogger brother. Yes, DG may be notable on the fashion industry and is inclined with menswear at its finest form you can ever see it but I don’t know – I, myself, can’t expound why I’m this crazy about David.

I would never forget the day when my brother was picked as one of the lucky bunch who’ll be dressed by DG at Market Market for Collezione C2. I even blogged about what happened that day.

** Pardon my old watermark is showing off in the picture above since I got it from my particular post last July 2013 **

And back in 2014, he already have his blog’s own mobile app! And he also been nominated for various awards and won numerous of it. What I love about DG is even how far he has become now, he still sustained his humility and perpetuated to keep his feet on the ground. So here’s some of David’s stellar pictures throughout the years. Look how cute he is! 😛

Here’s to more years of fangirling and endlessly supporting DG! I may not able to go with my fellow followers, bonding with David on some of the events of his life and I may not be Vina G (*winks*) but one thing’s for sure. I’m one of the most solid fangirl of DG that will stay by his side as long as I live. Cheesy!

That’s why even if I’m in my most haggard state yesterday after working hours,(even if I’m not prepared, my eyebrows is not even on fleek, for crying out loud!)  I gathered all the courage in the world and still followed him from 1st floor up to the other side of 2nd floor. And not to mention that I felt like he’s in a hurry that time since he’s walking so fast like cray cray. Hahaha! I really didn’t expect that I would get to see David that time in view of the fact that he’s in Glorietta at 2pm yesterday. I’m really the happiest yesterday, indeed!

Looking forward for the next one! (very soon, hopefully!)



Graduation Day

It has always been my dream to finish schooling and now, it came to reality and I can’t even convene how grateful I am to God for letting me so. Anyhow, what if you guys let me convey what went down in my graduation day last April 17, yes? I know it’s a bit late but pardon my job hunting for keeping me insanely busy for the past few weeks that had past.

It was then 7:30 am when we arrived at PICC and of course, we took photos first at the entrance, lobby and such.




Since I can’t and I don’t want to be late, not before long, we went inside then the graduation ceremony started at 8:00am and was concluded at 11:30am.



And as a blogger, I didn’t blow the chance of having my OOTD at the lobby. Here’s me, showing off the design of the back part of my dress. 😛


Afterwards, my mom decided to join in. My brother and I supposed to take more photos but since our tummies were screaming for immediate help, my mom took the camera and just captured photos carelessly and so we can’t help but laugh!



Upon arriving at La Fiesta, the largest buffet in the country which caters different cuisines and so trust me when I say you really can’t possibly get to taste all of the foods they are offering. Srsly. Although we’re insanely starving, we didn’t fill our tummies to the fullest because we’re still gonna be having dinner later on that day with my dearest grandparents since they were left at our house due to my Lola’s sprained hip which made it hard for her to travel from one place to another.

Here’s some of the food that I ate: (Sorry I didn’t able to take some of it!)





And my mom, Paula and I were given a cake and people from La Fiesta, together with the vocalist of the live band that has been playing live at La Fiesta sang us a song. Although mine was a bit awkward since the vocalist is used to the Happy Birthday song than the “Happy Graduation to you”.








Going home, we took the time to chill for about half an hour then we went to the nearest Great Image from our house and had fun as we have our family picture there.






aaaaaaa (2)

aaaaaaaa (2)

Last activity of the day but definitely not the least, we ate dinner at Max’s to wrap up the day. Although we’re a bit full from La Fiesta so we just ate a light meal then.


 To God, be the glory!

Baguio | Day 2

Sorry for being late on posting this. I know I should have posted this a couple of days ago. Due to numerous job interviews I attended, I wasn’t able to post it in due time.

Anyway, let me start off with our day 2 in Baguio. We instigated our day having our breakfast at Cafe By The Ruins which we bluntly discovered from the movie, That Thing Called Tadhana. More details soon on my #BaguioEats post so you better keep your lines open, yes?



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Baguio | Day 1

As promised, I’m gonna dole out the lowdown of the highlights of our Baguio 3-day vacation last week. What I will do is convene the events per day. So this blog post would convey our first day in Baguio.

On our way there, waking up super early, I really thought I would be sticking my nose on my pillow and sleep. But then, with Paula on my side, I only managed to nap almost an hour and what I did on the whole trip was these:





As we plan as to what place are we staying, my mom said that her former peer in Qatar Airways owns a vacation house at Baguio but since she won’t be able to come with us, we decided to stay at /Baguio Holiday Villa./ My cousins by the way (Paula and Renz), Tito Rene, Tita Grace, my aunt (Tita Lulu) who we usually go out with and my brother are my companions on this particular trip.

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Sans Pareil Confidant

Since I was 4 years old, in view of the fact that my parents worked abroad back in our early years, we grew up with our amorous aunties, uncle & assidous grandparents. And so we acclimatized in a exceedingly congenial compound wherein our benevolent relatives in my mother’s side resides.

Hence, I got tremendously keen on my cousins, especially to the other only female in the bunch, Joan. She’ve been my pick-of-the-litter pal since the world began. Although, we had scarce misunderstandings at times, we constantly find ourselves together. And whenever we’re together, lackluster moments have never been in the cards! We enjoy each others’ company all the time. And when I say all the time, I MEAN IT! 🙂

As a matter of fact, our parents/grandparents periodically gets mad at us whenever we’re together (at times) because they say, the moment we sit next to each other, it’s like we become strident suddenly. Maybe because we chatter and roll in the aisles like there’s no tomorrow. Oh well! We grew up together, that’s why! And 3 days ago, it’s her 20th birthday.

Moreover, I felt this day is the apt time to post this photos we assimilated last New Year’s Day. There are only a few ones who are considered edible of posting. Here are those:



What do you guys think? 🙂

Nikon Photography Lesson (Part 1) ☺

One month ago, we bought our new DSLR at SM Marilao. And with that, my brother planned of taking the photography lesson sponsored by Photoline. But then, due to his ever-hectic schedule in MIT, I’m the one who attended the photography lesson instead.

It was scheduled 10am up to 5pm. And since I had to pop in Edsa Shangri-La by 5:30, and with that, I leaved Savory at 4:15pm. But before that, I know some of you might be wonderstruck what did I learned from the phoyography lesson sponsored by Photoline. Of course, I can’t manage to pinpoint all of it to you, but here are some of the shots I’ve taken during the photography lessons and its various descriptions:


Rules of Third denotes to the rule that in order to get better shots, you have to shot the subject off-center.


Creative shot


Example of a photo following Rules of Third

Sports photography (moving subjects)

This photo was taken during the death anniversary of all the victims of Maguindanao Massacre.


When taking creative shots, learn to experiment like taking top shots and many others. And when taking top shots, the ISO must be in high setting like 3200.

This was one of the Marinduque miners whose enormous body parts were damaged due to excessive chemicals that is being thrown and was thrown in their place.


This was a shot awarded in a foreign country a couple of years ago.

If you desired to do this sort of creative shot, the photographer would simply lay down in the middle of the

group of people you’ll shoot, then voila! 

To be continued…

Stay tuned for the Part 2 and my look post for this particular event! 🙂


Magnolia Flavor House

A few weeks ago, I, together with my brother and zany aunt agreed of going to Robinsons Magnolia and find out its wonders. Well, I must say that the mall’s interiors were remarkable. And for that, we had the mood to roam around the mall.

And we spotted their astonishing outdoors and the *drum roll* Magnolia Flavor House! 🙂 It’s like your in a mawkish playhouse. The backdrop of the store, the stairs and everything you see there will surely make your day shine bright! Look! 🙂



And now, let’s proceed with their delectable snacks. Actually, I really wanted to try their pasta and other creations. But then, we’re not that that hungry so, we just tried this:

Chunky Monkey– It’s uhmmm.. incredibly DELECTABLE!! The flavors were all in the right place and the visual speaks for itself!! I definitely reccommend that you all try it! 🙂



4 Cheese Pizza-  Ultimate cheese overload!! Yay! And for someone like me who absolutely adore cheese very much, this is a must try! On the contrary, I think the size of the pizza is too small and it would have been better if they don’t make it too thin. So that, the customers wouldn’t be bitin after they eat the pizza.


That’s it for my current food blog post! Yes, I know,we should have try more creations of Magnolia Flavor House. Well, I guess you should too! 🙂



Bread Talk

I’m sure this scrumptious bakeshop or should I say bread shop don’t need a gaudy and overstated introduction, right?

But then, I’ll introduce it to all of you anyway. 🙂

BreadTalk Philippines has taken the Group’s signature breads and lifestyle shopping concept and infused its unique local character into the brand. It has brought to life its own Filipino stories and inspirations in the likes of the ‘Sumo Pandesal’, ‘Cheezymada’, ‘Sisig Bun’, and ‘Cheese Flosss’. Friends and fans in the Philippines have quickly taken to this modern way of retailing bread and constantly await BreadTalk’s new creations.

In 2010, BreadTalk Philippines acquired the license for Sanrio character favorites Hello Kitty, Kerokerokeroppi, Bad Badtz-Maru, and Cinnamoroll, and in its signature style, now retails Sanrio cakes with the BreadTalk twist. To see more of BreadTalk Philippines’ local initiatives, visit http://www.breadtalk.com.ph.

Moreover, now that all of you are exceedingly aware of one of my favorite merienda place, let me cite what I have to say on some of their incredibly delectable creations.

Rise & Shine– I really recommend that you get a taste of this appetizing and one of my favorite creation of Bread
Talk! I LOVE IT!! I must say, this variant of bread really made me feel like I’m lying on a bed made of clouds! Two thumbs up! 🙂


Chocolate Cream Cheese– I’m a HUGE fan of sweets but to tell you all the truth, I found its sweetness too overpowering.

To the extent that I didn’t able to taste the cream cheese that much.


Cheese Floss-I bet some of us who would take a first look on this one, we would not recognize what kind of food is it. But then, once you get to taste it, that’s the time you’ll determine it.

It has three flavors: pork, spicy pork/fire & cheese. As for my opinion, yes it’s delicious but the taste is obviously like you ate a cheese bread that has an profuse and amazing form.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m fond of cheese. It’s just that I like the pork flavor than this one.



That’s it, foodies! I genuinely advise that those of you who doesn’t visit and taste Bread Talk’s various mouthwatering creations yet, run to the nearest branch of Bread Talk

and experience heaven in your mouth! 🙂