Bread Talk

I’m sure this scrumptious bakeshop or should I say bread shop don’t need a gaudy and overstated introduction, right?

But then, I’ll introduce it to all of you anyway. 🙂

BreadTalk Philippines has taken the Group’s signature breads and lifestyle shopping concept and infused its unique local character into the brand. It has brought to life its own Filipino stories and inspirations in the likes of the ‘Sumo Pandesal’, ‘Cheezymada’, ‘Sisig Bun’, and ‘Cheese Flosss’. Friends and fans in the Philippines have quickly taken to this modern way of retailing bread and constantly await BreadTalk’s new creations.

In 2010, BreadTalk Philippines acquired the license for Sanrio character favorites Hello Kitty, Kerokerokeroppi, Bad Badtz-Maru, and Cinnamoroll, and in its signature style, now retails Sanrio cakes with the BreadTalk twist. To see more of BreadTalk Philippines’ local initiatives, visit

Moreover, now that all of you are exceedingly aware of one of my favorite merienda place, let me cite what I have to say on some of their incredibly delectable creations.

Rise & Shine– I really recommend that you get a taste of this appetizing and one of my favorite creation of Bread
Talk! I LOVE IT!! I must say, this variant of bread really made me feel like I’m lying on a bed made of clouds! Two thumbs up! 🙂


Chocolate Cream Cheese– I’m a HUGE fan of sweets but to tell you all the truth, I found its sweetness too overpowering.

To the extent that I didn’t able to taste the cream cheese that much.


Cheese Floss-I bet some of us who would take a first look on this one, we would not recognize what kind of food is it. But then, once you get to taste it, that’s the time you’ll determine it.

It has three flavors: pork, spicy pork/fire & cheese. As for my opinion, yes it’s delicious but the taste is obviously like you ate a cheese bread that has an profuse and amazing form.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m fond of cheese. It’s just that I like the pork flavor than this one.



That’s it, foodies! I genuinely advise that those of you who doesn’t visit and taste Bread Talk’s various mouthwatering creations yet, run to the nearest branch of Bread Talk

and experience heaven in your mouth! 🙂





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