Magnolia Flavor House

A few weeks ago, I, together with my brother and zany aunt agreed of going to Robinsons Magnolia and find out its wonders. Well, I must say that the mall’s interiors were remarkable. And for that, we had the mood to roam around the mall.

And we spotted their astonishing outdoors and the *drum roll* Magnolia Flavor House! 🙂 It’s like your in a mawkish playhouse. The backdrop of the store, the stairs and everything you see there will surely make your day shine bright! Look! 🙂



And now, let’s proceed with their delectable snacks. Actually, I really wanted to try their pasta and other creations. But then, we’re not that that hungry so, we just tried this:

Chunky Monkey– It’s uhmmm.. incredibly DELECTABLE!! The flavors were all in the right place and the visual speaks for itself!! I definitely reccommend that you all try it! 🙂



4 Cheese Pizza-  Ultimate cheese overload!! Yay! And for someone like me who absolutely adore cheese very much, this is a must try! On the contrary, I think the size of the pizza is too small and it would have been better if they don’t make it too thin. So that, the customers wouldn’t be bitin after they eat the pizza.


That’s it for my current food blog post! Yes, I know,we should have try more creations of Magnolia Flavor House. Well, I guess you should too! 🙂




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