Graduation Day

It has always been my dream to finish schooling and now, it came to reality and I can’t even convene how grateful I am to God for letting me so. Anyhow, what if you guys let me convey what went down in my graduation day last April 17, yes? I know it’s a bit late but pardon my job hunting for keeping me insanely busy for the past few weeks that had past.

It was then 7:30 am when we arrived at PICC and of course, we took photos first at the entrance, lobby and such.




Since I can’t and I don’t want to be late, not before long, we went inside then the graduation ceremony started at 8:00am and was concluded at 11:30am.



And as a blogger, I didn’t blow the chance of having my OOTD at the lobby. Here’s me, showing off the design of the back part of my dress. 😛


Afterwards, my mom decided to join in. My brother and I supposed to take more photos but since our tummies were screaming for immediate help, my mom took the camera and just captured photos carelessly and so we can’t help but laugh!



Upon arriving at La Fiesta, the largest buffet in the country which caters different cuisines and so trust me when I say you really can’t possibly get to taste all of the foods they are offering. Srsly. Although we’re insanely starving, we didn’t fill our tummies to the fullest because we’re still gonna be having dinner later on that day with my dearest grandparents since they were left at our house due to my Lola’s sprained hip which made it hard for her to travel from one place to another.

Here’s some of the food that I ate: (Sorry I didn’t able to take some of it!)





And my mom, Paula and I were given a cake and people from La Fiesta, together with the vocalist of the live band that has been playing live at La Fiesta sang us a song. Although mine was a bit awkward since the vocalist is used to the Happy Birthday song than the “Happy Graduation to you”.








Going home, we took the time to chill for about half an hour then we went to the nearest Great Image from our house and had fun as we have our family picture there.






aaaaaaa (2)

aaaaaaaa (2)

Last activity of the day but definitely not the least, we ate dinner at Max’s to wrap up the day. Although we’re a bit full from La Fiesta so we just ate a light meal then.


 To God, be the glory!


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