Never by Never

Another epic day to be thankful for! Almost two weeks ago, I went to Market Market to accompany my brother for he was one of the 5 lucky readers of my super stunning boyfriend, err.. I mean, my blogger crush, David John Guison at Collezione C2. Tee hee! #wishfulthinking #fangirlmodeon Of course, silly me took the wonderful opportunity to be able to glare like cray cray, observe keenly at David and his actions. Hihi! And candidly, I must say he’s one of the most forthcoming and thoughtful notable blogger I met. #MajorTurnOn Why? Imagine despite of all the fame and attention he’s been getting from his gazillion readers and voluminous fangirls, when he can’t find shoes that would fit the outfit on one of the five guys he was styling two sundays ago, he didn’t hesitate to change shoes for a while and let that guy wear the pair of shoes he’s wearing! Aw! How sweet of him, isn’t it? Hereafter, not wasting ze opportunity, I took a picture with my loves! :”> Pardon me for my #fangirl whining. We even got the chance to be in Collezione C2’s Facebook page! Read more on David’s post. Photos I grabbed from my brother: Oops! This blog post wouldn’t be complete without a look, definitely!

Sweater from 9cm, Tights from Q Queen, Boots from SAX

Hype this on!

Never by Never will I forget this whole stellar experience! I don’t care if I sound grammatically wrong or whatsoever! 🙂



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