Baguio | Day 1

As promised, I’m gonna dole out the lowdown of the highlights of our Baguio 3-day vacation last week. What I will do is convene the events per day. So this blog post would convey our first day in Baguio.

On our way there, waking up super early, I really thought I would be sticking my nose on my pillow and sleep. But then, with Paula on my side, I only managed to nap almost an hour and what I did on the whole trip was these:





As we plan as to what place are we staying, my mom said that her former peer in Qatar Airways owns a vacation house at Baguio but since she won’t be able to come with us, we decided to stay at /Baguio Holiday Villa./ My cousins by the way (Paula and Renz), Tito Rene, Tita Grace, my aunt (Tita Lulu) who we usually go out with and my brother are my companions on this particular trip.



Anyhow, the place is huge and very accommodating. And since me and my brother are both bloggers, one thing that attracts us whenever we go to different places is if it’s a great place for photoshoots, creative shots and such. And Baguio Holiday Villa is! 🙂







After we settled in our things at our Superior Villa room which we found stellar as well, we headed to O’ Mai Khan Mongolian Grill & Hotpot to have our lunch and fill in our famished tummies since we only ate a dozen of JCo Donuts while on our way to Baguio in the morning. Stay tuned for my blog post on everything we ate in our whole stay soon!




Subsequent to lunch, we opt to go to SM Baguio to snuffle some fresh air on its rooftop and I had my quicky milk tea fix at Serenitea while they had their coffee fix at Figaro. Since it’s very near from O’ Mai Khan, we decided to just walk from there.


And my super cute and over jovial cousins started to let their giddy selves get in the way. We even acted like beggars and Tito Rene pretended to give us coins but then, we end up laughing. We also had our clingy moments here and there. Hearts all over!




Departed from there, we went to Burnham Park and opt to go boating first. The rental of the boat is good for 30 minutes and our experience was incredibly hilarious! Since we chose to do the boating by ourselves, it was my brother and Tita Lulu who were in charged to it. Then Tito Rene was the one doling out instructions to them. What made it super witty was the fact that our first 15 minutes is spent on just spinning around on just one corner. (LOL!) We figured out the right way to move the boat well after those 15 minutes worrying that we might waste the time left on just that. But good thing, we didn’t and we enjoyed the next 15 minutes of our rental.







Then we set off to the biking area which you can pick among the various bicycles lined up in front of you. But then, we didn’t take the time to shed light on all the bicycles and all we did was pick the bike we want near us and proceed with starting to get the hang of it and paint the town red. Red as my sweater does, of course!


In a span of I think 20 minutes (or so), we thought it’s time for us to have our photoshoot for day 1. Read here for more details about my look for the avowed day.




Then we decided to toddle around Session Road and went for a while to the 3-floor vintage shop which I can’t remember the place. Tito Rene, Tita Grace and my two cute cousins settled on straight to the Villa to rest by the way after biking. As for us, after we paced around Session Road, when our tummies started to go harebrained, we resolved to a decision to pig out at OMG (Oh My Gulay) Cafe to make our stomach exultant. Stay tuned for my blog post about our #BaguioEats soon!







After all of these, we went home and just so you guys know, in the name of fashion and blogging, me and my co-blogger brother photographer (and I’m his photographer!) had this arrangement of waking up as early as 6am for us to have another set of photoshoot each day. And that would be posted soon subsequent to my upcoming posts about our Baguio vacay, okay?


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