How’s That


Annyeong! I know in my recent post (not so recent, sorry.), it was stated there that I already came back from an unplanned hiatus. I even posted a photo titled “Welcome back” last August and posted a couple of posts but after that, I wasn’t able post something again. Let’s say I’m going through something and I’m letting God work in my life right now, trusting Him that He will make things right in my life as I exert in doing so as well.

Anyway, with today’s look, when my brother brought his oversized black coat for our photoshoot (felt like Ms. Detective with the said piece, eh?), my eyes went zany and incorporated it with my grey kitty dress and went on with my kpop fangirl self by wearing my white knee high socks with my black wedge for that street look with kpop flavor on it. Sometimes, dressing up is all about mix and matching your statement pieces and basing it whatever floats your boat on that day, right?






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