Up and Down


Hello there! Here I am keeping up with the unplanned hiatus that was concluded just a week ago. And these days, I can say that for some substantial reason, I feel like I have too many dreams in life.

Having said that, I convened with a question: Is it okay to have too many goals in life? Ang dame kong gustong malearn and ipursue! I don’t why. I know I have to trust God’s plan in my life that I don’t suppose to get my life figured out yet since I’m just 22 years old but..but.. I really sincerely seriously don’t know!

Maybe I just want to make sure I won’t end up as a person who just stays at home all day everyday without goals at all in life or aspirations in order for him/her to be a better version of himself/herself. Yes, I think that’s it. As of now, I’m planning to take up Fashion Marketing/Merchandising at SoFA DesignΒ  Institute Β or Fashion Institute of the Philippines next year and if time allows me to do so, I want to take either drum and/or voice lessons at Center for Pop OR wake up my former skills in dancing at ACTS with my own money, of course.







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