No Way


Annyeong! My deep apologies for being in a unintentional hiatus for the past few months. I must say I’ve been very depressed nowadays. Well if some of you has already read or follow the streaks of blog posts I had for the past 3 years, you would know I’ve been with this formidable condition. Which is why I decided to go on a hiatus because rather than elucidating my rigorous condition, I chose to remain silent and curbed. I’m currently looking for getting myself diagnosed by a psychiatrist or whatnot. I felt like it’s already being reflected on my work in the office. I guess this is what you get from disregarding the fact that I need to consult a doctor way back just because my mom said it’s all in the head although I know that she doesn’t have a concrete idea on what I’ve been through/going through.

After a few years of keeping it to myself, I decided to let it out and thus, I already told them everything. That’s when I started to take medications. Moving forward, I don’t want to let anything and anyone hinder my growth and go out and pursue my dreams. No way, honey!

I’m planning to take either fashion styling or a makeup course next year since I know for a fact that even if I’ve been in the blogging industry for quite some time but I’m still up for huge improvement.






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