My Star

Annyeong! Summer’s done, so is my unplanned hiatus. I already disclosed this somehow on my preceding post/s but with the months that passed I was able to fathom the intent importance of knowing what your heart wants that one should follow and not to follow.

I’ve been through a lot of heartaches and rejection and met too many people who don’t belong and meant to be part of my life. That’s why I tend to set myself apart or at least, be distant enough to some people. Imagine yourself being distant with your crush? I bet some of you may not understand and might find this bubblegum-elementary but I guess I’m just trying to avoid seeing myself get hurt again for the nth time.

I know if there’s any of you who always read my blog posts is sick of this kind of talk, (believe me!) so am I. It just came and get stuck to my head the fact that my mom made a wrong decision marrying my dad. Don’t get me wrong but I’ve seen how far their lifestyle and point of view is. It’s hard for me to expound it further but let’s say, we’re Christian so my mom doesn’t entertain the idea of divorce.

So it made my mindset stronger not to be pickleminded and let myself get too attached to the wrong person all over again. Been there many times and I never want to get stuck on that heart wrenching jail again. I want to wait for the right person who deserves all of me. Someone who I can be with through whatever.


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