Stone Cold

Hello there! Okay, since I’ve been inactive for like three weeks, I’m trying to make it up to you guys. Aside from being insanely busy these days, I often find myself uninspired and weary. Suffice to say that I can’t fathom how to convene my thoughts that I want to dole out.

Especially that the so-called Valentine’s Day that most people fuss about this month had past and as always, I’m… uhh… oh yes. No time for playing games here. I’ve always been alone. I don’t mean to shed light in the past (that I never want to go back ever) and I’m not rushing things, either.

It’s just that after all those conundrum that I went through, I believe that I don’t deserve to be in this kind of situation anymore – feeling so little and whatnot. I’ve been too harsh rejection and been taken for granted too many times.

That’s why even if to be honest, I already began liking someone again nowadays, (I bet every girl’s heart would swoon on his stellar voice & stunning smile.. uhm.. yeah?) I admit that it doesn’t feel good most of the time. You know that feeling of being scared to get hurt and be left alone again? It sucks.

So it left me with a intent reminder to myself that after all I’ve been through, now that I’m 22, I should use my brain and stick to what’s right and what I truly deserve rather than clinging to what my heart wants but will set forth pain and harm to me afterwards. So I bow to wait for Mr. Right (please come quickly!!) and never settle for anything less than I deserve. It’s time to grow up, girl! Maturity, take over me!










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