Breathe In, Breathe Out


Annyeong! Yes, I know I’ve been inactive for the past few weeks. It’s like whenever I reached home at around 6pm from work and well, roaming around somewhere, I always feel my eyes is set up on auto blink every 5 seconds around 7:30pm. Oops!

But well, I’m not complaining. But yes, I’m guilty… never mind. It’s the second month of 2016 that most people consider as the friggin love month which I never get to devour and be zany of since then.

As I tried to convene and shed light of what happened on the past year, (which I admit is definitely not a joke and one hell of a conundrum for me) I promised myself things that’s obviously not that easy for me to comply with but it’s for my own sake. Or should I say, for my heart’s sake.

I’ve been with diverse sorts of rejection and that feeling of being taken advantage for too many times. In lieu of the cliche, “Don’t repeat the same mistake.” which I have to strongly follow, I promised myself that I would never pour too much on someone who haven’t prove its worth to me. I would never ever dare doing the first step on a guy I like ever again. If it’s meant to be, it will find its way.

It’s not bitter, it’s knowing what you truly deserve and clinging to what’s better and not just grabbing what’s in front of you without making use of your friggin brain. It’s about time I think of myself first before someone else’s sake. I tend to cross the bridge for someone who won’t even lift a finger just to give smile on my face.

It’s not that I’m being selfish but it’s just that I already became too selfless on people who don’t even deserve it multiple times.









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