I scream ice cream! I’m pretty sure all of you would scream with me, right? Everyone loves ice cream and I’m one of those – being a sweet tooth since birth – whom you’ll frequently see on a random ice cream parlor along with those cray cray kiddos waiting for their much anticipated turn of sweet fix of the day. Whether you want to have unli twirl green tea or blueberry cheesecake-flavored ice cream at Family Mart near you, heading to Coldstone to have your fix of Cheesecake Fantasy or Oreo Overload flavor or opt to have your favorite Midnight Cookies & Cream or Choco Hazelnut Brittle at Haagen-Dazs. It was not until Magnum have its heyday in Manila and almost all kinds of sweet tooth around the metro went wacko – until now. My heart fluttered like zany when I found out that Magnum will have its pop store here in Manila April 8 of last year. At first, I shrugged off the fact that it would only run for like one year especially whenever we go there and we would like for like 20 minutes or so to go in due to the looooong line of people waiting outside with us. yyyyyyyyyyyy Who would have thought that Magnum Manila pop-store bid its farewell – for real today? *wipes tears* Many hearts got broken with the avowed (very, very, very, very..) very sad news for sure. Some said Magnum is too overrated and expensive. But for me, definitely not! It would not catch many people’s attention if not many hearts flutter once they get to taste of it, isn’t it? It’s like one of my guilty pleasure that I would never get over with. Which is why I decided to dole out some of my top picks among their stellar creations. I’m not like one of those food guru around the metro but I just want to share to you guys some of my favorite and for you to shed light as to why I love Magnum.

Bacon Fried Fries

What I love about it: The love child of bacon and fries! I can eat this like 3 times a day without getting sick of it. Srsly. I’m not kidding. For real. What they can improve on: Whenever we order this, I always feel like the serving is too /few/. It could have been better if they would make it like an appetizer for 3-4 persons. I’m telling you, I can eat all of it – all by myself!

Magnum Bolognese

  What I love about it: Very meaty! It’s not too overpowering. What they can improve on: It doesn’t look good and captivating in the eyes. At first look, I bluntly didn’t felt the excitement to get a taste of it. They could have presented it better.

Carbonara with Cocoa Dusted Bacon and Sous Vide Egg

What I love about it: Love at first sight, I must say! It looks good and tastes good. What they can improve on: They should have incorporated the bacon better with the pasta. It would further make the dish more appealing to the eyes and of course – to our tastebuds.

Seared Chicken with Arugula and Sundried Tomato Pasta

What I love about it: Aside from its enticing physical presentation and hefty serving, I love how the lightness of its taste go well with the chicken topped to it. Salty+ Sweet (Parmesan Popcorn Roasted Almond Queso De Bola shavings) What I love about it: I’m fond of Caramel Popcorn & Kettle Corn which is why, even if it sometimes get stuck on my braces, I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT! *music playing in the background* What they can improve on: Maybe it would taste heavenly even more if they will add choco balls or white chocolate chips. So much for being such a sweet tooth, sorry not sorry. Jardin (Pistachio Gold Nuggets Freeze Dried Raspberry/Choco Balls) What I love about it: It was actually altered. Dried raspberries were not available the last time we ordered it since it was (I believe) one of the bestseller. It was replaced by choco balls which candidly made it better than the usual since I’m not that fond of raspberries, to be honest. What they can improve on: Honestly, I don’t get why it became one of the bestseller. I believe if they find a better replacement for the dried raspberries, it could have been stellar. (Disclaimer: I don’t entirely hate raspberries. It’s just that I’m not fond of it, being placed on a popsicle. #Trendcast (Sea Salt Flakes, Speculoos Cookies Roasted Almonds) What I love about it: In lieu of my fixation for graham crackers, I love how it complimented with the roasted almonds. (that’s why I love Campfire Smores very much, although I didn’t able to take a photo of it when we ordered it. *sniffs*) What they can improve on: Nothing much. Just add more graham crackers to it. Or cinnamon… maybe. Red Velvet What I love about it: Lalalalalalala, happiness!~ *music playing* Oops, sorry my Kpop fangirl self came out. Magnum popsicles + red velvet cake= AM I IN HEAVEN NOW? What they can improve on: Well, if they incorporated something like a red velvet topping on the popsicles, it would surely be better-er! Triple Cookie Dough Skillet What I love about it: I must admit this is one of my favorite Magnum Cafe’s creations.(Alongside, Campfire Smores & Death By Chocolate) Physically and literally PERFECT!


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