Bind Your Love

Oh hi, giddy earthlings! Well, as what I’ve avowed on my preceding look posts, I’m terribly busy and oh-so-stressed creature nowadays (due to my last year in college – thesis, feasibility study, group reports and the like). What makes me disturbed and … these days is that I really find it bothersome with the realizations I currently have that constantly messing up my heart.

Everyone gets hurt. Even when you’re older now, even if you know better, even if you understand. You can’t keep yourself from hurting. It just hit me that I encountered people who I felt I want to be around forever but ended up leaving me just like that and was meant to be an instrument to make me stronger. There’s always a risk to be taken when you fall in love, a blind leap of faith out there in a realm of unpredictability. What lies at the end of the road is bliss or heartbreak that we are to figure out eventually.

One thing that you’ll probably notice about yours truly if you would come to know me better is that I’m a fragile person. We’re all a piece of shell of what we used to be. What will distinguish as from the others is what kind of person we came to be after the storm we once get stuck into. (or perhaps, more than once!)

In view of what I mentioned in my look post prior to this one that I decided to take a break from my edgy-all-black self (not for long my friends! *winks*) and opt to playing rock, paper and scissors with colors. You don’t always cling to monochromatic pieces all the time. Sometimes you have to experiment and play the right contrast with divergent colors. But be careful not to overdo it though.

Jersey top from Bershka | Pink dress shirt (used as an undershirt) | Sneakers from Zoo York

Hype this on!


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