Catching Shadows


I bet for those who have read my preceding blog posts, you’ll recognize that I tend to affirm opulently the state of my heart right now. In fact, I’m currently fond of sad love songs and of course, my adornment for indie songs is ubiquitous, isn’t it? Well, I promise that this would be the last in the bunch. After those several inculcate slaps of reality right in my face, finally, I can say I’m now progressing and have been moving on and letting go of the people who don’t deserve even a bit of me, not even a lil’piece of my precious time and attention.

It felt like fireworks shoot up the dark sky but still jumping a little when the sound of the explosion startles you. But sadly, we’re not fireworks. We’re just dying embers, quickly burning out into nothing but fading flickers, until there was darkness. Heartbreak, wow. So that’s what they herald in the movies. It felt like my whole world crumble apart in a constant replay mode. I knew love was dangerous. But I was willing to take the risk, not knowing it would be one of the biggest regret I’d had in my life. Even how cliche I may sound but there’s a guy that I meant to be with. (in God’s time – I hope it’s soon though!) I’m not giving up hope. That’s what makes our humanity intact.

People change. You wouldn’t be the same person as who you were when you’re 5. So why whine over things/people who/that are gone and won’t come back? I say, focus now. Now is what matters. And for this look (Yes, I know I posted this on Lookbook yesterday. Sorry I’m gonna be posting this just now!), well, blame it on my street-style self who took over me when I was all giddy looking for something to wear the day when we shoot this. To balance it and dole a dose of feminine touch to it, I paired it with feminine pieces which unsurprisingly, florals. Oh I adorn florals to infinity and beyond! Summer or not, on trend or not, I just love it! :3

Copy of DSC_0087

Copy of DSC_0062


Denim Pullover from Mango | Sneakers from Zoo York

Hype this on!


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