Love Don’t Die


Will someone punch the clock? Tomorrow is the first day of my last academic year in college. Suffice to say that there would probably a time wherein I would be extremely busy. Not only because of the bountiful thesis coming up to stress me but also because we’re gonna be having our on the job training this semester for about 2-3 months. Oh blunder! Just by the mere thought of it makes me hide behind my blanket and escape the real world. But before crying over spilled milk, I would do my best to be as consistent in blogging as possible (So bear with me, will you?).

Moving further, let’s shed light on my new look that I’m gonna share with you, guys. Oh, what do we have here? Another indoor look, huh? Well, those were the days wherein my parents are out in the house, me and my brother are stuck at home and grab the chance to invade the fridge with our sparkling eyes and pig out. I smell holiday bump in here! Tee hee!

Kidding aside, making the most of the former, we fondly invade the fridge.. err, I mean our wardrobe and come up with an indoor photoshoot. Having said that, sad but to be candid, since I’m having holiday bump problems, I decided to wear something that would conceal the unwanted F’s in my naughty tummy and came up with this!




 Bull Cap from Human | Shoes from Dr. Martens

Hype this on!


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