Oh hi! Well, time for another look post, baby! But first, as what I’ve affirmed before, since my blog has been one of basically, my outlet of emotions, let me dole my current feelings before carrying on with my of course, another edgy look. Divergent thoughts kept on hurling on my mind. And yes, truth be told, it drives me insane in the most zany way possible.

I know it sucks to get a hold of something you thought was real and you thought was special. And in the blink of an eye, you found out that it’s not real, after all. And I was like, how can I go forward when I can’t get over the hump (humps, bluntly!) from where I’ve been? What now? How do I escape from this fiasco then? But we all experience hurt and all those things but it’s up to us how we’ll treat that experience. It’s either we’ll never forget it or move on and trust God with the plans he laid out for us.

With that avowed, another edgy look again! Well, for those who know me well, I bet you’re not shocked at all with that, don’t you?






Hype this on!


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