Something Real than Sabotage

Yeoboseyo! I’m back! Apparently, I was gone for about a month and so. Say goodbye to clingy hiatus and let’s supervene and make this silly mind working! I must say, with the more than a month hiatus I’ve been made me inspired and aspire to do well in my blogging stretch.

In the past few months, I’ve realized how much “cover ups” I have in life. To be blunt, I’m pretty much of a brisky, super hyper, happy person kind of person whenever I interact with the people I encounter each day of my life. But what most people don’t ascertain is what’s inside of me. Pretending everything’s on its perfect place but the truth is it’s like everything inside of me was falling apart. But as what the cliche sets forth is that even if life throws you 100 reasons to crumble and give up, you should still choose to smile and still find one reason not to give up. After all, we’re never and will never be alone! For we have a God who will never ever leave us nor forsake us.

But then, on the contrary, sometimes, when you fight for something/someone you love and you want to be in your life forever because it/they tend to make your heart alive and your life more worthwile but after all the effort and time you exerted for it/that person wasn’t doing any good to you.You felt like it’s more like you’re finding for something you taught was real but seems like it’s not worth it anymore, let go and let God handle it for you. As what /Shai Lagarde/ puts it,


Likewise, I decided to make a lovechild of my edgy and girly side convene (with this look) that innates that even if I face struggles and rejection in life, even how hard it may be, I would never ever give up. After all, falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living it. Furthermore, here it is!




Camo jacket from brother’s closet | LBD from Korean Rose | Flower crown from Jellybean | Ribbon cuff from H&M | Watch from Swatch

Hype this on!


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