What’s The Fuss: Pitch Black

Sorry for being a little bit insolvent in the compelling world of fashion these days. Err, I mean, in the Lookbook community. Well, in view of the fact that finals are coming up in a couple of weeks and I’ve been unsurpassingly stressed with school works since my junior college days is about to bid farewell.*sniff!* plus my grandma has been confined for three weeks in the hospital. And now that she’s out (since last week), we decided to let her stay (together with my grandpa and aunt) temorarily reside here in our house in Bulacan for a while. So it’s hard to juggle things up especially when your heart is not in good shape. Emo feels! *covers face*

Change topic! Anyway, back to our preceding topic, I hope you understand why I’ve been gone in a while in blogging and LB. 😦 Moving further, can we carry on with my What’s The Fuss? anthology of looks? Shall we?

Geuriwo Haeyo

~ Well, I indubitably bet all my fellow Blackjacks out there would ascertain in a snap on where/who did I get the inspiration of this look, yes? 2ne1, nolza! Sorry for all non-blackjacks and non-kpop fans out there which most probably raising eyebrows right now, clueless on what am I talking as of this moment, isn’t it? Anyway, prior to watching the MV of 2ne1’s Missing You/Geuriwo haeyo, I came up with this look!

cats (5)

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Black Sweater from Passport | Black Skater Skirt from Forever 21

Coup D’Etat

~ My edgy side is being bare well on this anthology, huh? Anyhow, incorporating monochromatic duo together, black shirt and bottoms, with denim buttondown, here’s the upshot!


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Black shirt from AM Blvd | Black Beanie from Khush | Denim Buttondown from Guess

YG Baby!

~ My YG Stan-self took over on this look! My brother/fellow YG Stan, assented to turn our plain black tee into customized YG shirt. Then again, to those who can’t seem to decipher what am I chatttering about, YG is one of the foremost leading agency in Korea. As a devoted fangirl, I made a look jaunting my excessive fangirl-ing on YG.

cats (11)

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YG Shirt (customized) | Floral Buttondown and Black Ribbon Head Wear from Forever 21 | Black Tights from Q Queen

Let It Go

~ For the last installment for the said series, upon spazzing on my black top with leopard print in the bottom and flower crown I recently bought, I dole out with a decision of putting them together! How does it look?


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Flower Crown from Jelly Bean | Black top | Black Tights from Q Queen

Here are the individual links of the seperate blog posts of each of those:

Geuriwo Haeyo

Coup D’Etat

YG Baby!

Let It Go



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