Come Back Home

Floral look coming up! Oh yes, I’m insanely guilty of being a bit insolvent and all that. As what I’ve mentioned earlier in my preceding food post, I was invaded by school works, assignment and etc these past few days. Oh well, junior college student feels! I miss doing against-the-sun photoshoots, to be blunt.

My floral mesh coat says it all! At first, I was a bit hesitant of making it as a statement piece while tinkering on my closet on what to include in my look. After playing the cards, I plumped for an experiment of making the love child of my obsession with bows and florals. But of course, I don’t want it to be just a face without a choice. (Oops! That’s a line from one of my favorite indie song, I Blame Myself by Sky Ferreira. Hihi!).

Without further ado, here’s what came out of my zany lil’ experiment! What do you think?








Bow Tank Top from Comme De Garcons | Pink Shorts from E.N.U.F | Bow Headband from Forever 21

Hype this on!

** Note: If some of you might notice, my look photos are posted without my blog watermark, right? I unintentionally lost the file. 😦 I will make another one in due time. I just don’t have the enough time to do it right away because of the divergent school works I have to accomplish first.



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