Food Rage: The Iscreamist

Howdy foodies! It’s been a while, a long time bluntly, that I have the time to post a food blog post. Sorry! 😦 To make it up to you, a couple of weeks ago, I together with my two aunties, cousin & brother surpisingly had the time spazzingly went to Maginhawa, QC to have our merienda. Since we’re not that predominantly starving, we decided to head to The Iscreamist.


The Iscreamist was a pastry/sweets place that offers diverse flavors of ice cream and uncovential snacks with different flavors. What makes it unconventional? It’s when you order a set of it, you will be given five cups in the middle of the tray of the set you ordered with the nibbles around those cups.



And inside those cups is an amount of Liquid Nitrogen wherein you will get one piece of the set you ordered and you will dip it on the cup within 7 seconds, take it off and eat it right away. As you eat it, close your mouth and let the smoke come out on your nose. After 4-6 seconds of munching it, open your mouth and let the smoke come into your mouth, as well.


As for us, we opted to order French Macaron and Smores. And ordered a Red Velvet flavored ice cream afterwards.




I strongly forebode that you get to experience it yourself! 🙂



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