YG Baby!

Sorry for not being able to post my supposed-to-be look/look post on the preceding week. As promised, I purportedly be posting a camouflage look before posting my last addition to my all-black monochrome series (Read previous ones: 1,2,3). Oops! I spilled the beans. Spoiler alert! Well, I decided to post my last installation for my all-black monochrome series.

As a YG Stan, I opted to customize my plain black shirt in a t-shirt printing shop by putting the YG icon on the middle part of the shirt. I bought the extra large one to have that hiphop feel into it. For those who’s not familiar with what the fuss I’m talking about, YG is one of the top 3 foremost agency in Korea, along with SM Entertainment and JYP. K-pop groups like 2ne1, Bigbang and such are handled by the former. For sure, my fellow K-pop fangirls and fanboys ascertains what I’m talking about, yes?

Furthermore, here’s my last addition to my all-black monochrome series:

Black ribbon headwear from Forever 21 | Black YG shirt (customized) | Black/Snakeskin creepers

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