Let It Go

Yeoboseyo! (Hello!) My apologies for having my first ever look post for 2014 so late. 😦 Been busy with various things. Well then, ensuing my Monochrome all black series (Check the subsequent ones here and here.), as for my third addition, I opted to make my flower crown (although not that visible) as this look’s statement piece. Though the former wasn’t the only one statement piece. Of course, this is my first look of the year so it has to be somewhat legit.

Black top from H&W | Black tights from Q Queen | Black creepers | Flower Crown from Jellybean

For the art shots, believe it or not, IT’S NOT EDITED.

Hype this on Lookbook.nu!

** By the way, my last installment for my Monochrome all black series will be posted a bit late. Supposedly, it will be posted after this look. But due to unfortunate circumstances, I lost the photos! 😦 So, I’ll be reshooting it this week. Therefore, the last-installment-look will be posted on the last week of the month.



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