Food Rage: Gavino’s Japanese Donuts

Happy New Year, stellar people! After having my last look post of 2013, it’s about time for me to have my last food post of the year 2013, as well! As diverse kinds of pastries, drinks and such arises, as what they appraised, people will never be satistified with what they have. Most of us would look and ask for more than what we don’t have.

At present, there are various sorts of food/drinks I unsurpassingly adorn. Milk tea, mochi/mochido and many many more. As for donuts’ heyday,  Jco & Krispy Kreme have been very notable in the hearts of food lovers, isn’t it? And now, I’ve been excessively head over heels in love with Gavino’s!

Gavino’s Japanese donuts is a gourmet donut shop specializing in chewy mochi donuts. On their frequent trips to Taiwan, Japan and other Asian countries, the owners experience this kind of donut and immediately fell in love with them.

The owners then developed the Japanese mochi donuts and joined the Mercato Centrale weekend market in December 2011. While the products were being introduced, the owners saw the potential for these chewy Japanese mochi donuts and decided to expand the brand. The owners then decided to open their flagship store in Greenhills Town Center, Brgy. Valencia in Quezon City. All the donuts are made fresh here daily. When they saw that people were coming from far flung places to buy their mochi donuts, the owners then decided it was time to expand and let more people try these delightful chewy donuts.

We believe in selling only the best quality products at reasonable prices,” Mr. Que, the owner says. In developing different flavors for their donuts, Gavino’s does not skimp on the ingredients they use. There are real almonds, pistachios and cheese just to name a few premium ingredients. And with continuous product development, flavors like red velvet and sour cream can now be found in mochi donuts. “Gavino’s Japanese donuts is in the business of providing the best customer satisfaction through our high quality products and customer service,” says Mr. Que. (c)

Here’s some of the flavors I strongly forebode that you guys has to shed light and witness its undubitably greatness:

Choco Almond- Crunchy + Chewy + Sweet= I DON’T CARE, I LOVE IT!

Strawberry Gummy- Since gummy bears is one of my stress reliever/go-to snack, my kiddo-self takes over whenever I eat this enthralling flavor!

Hazelnut- I must say, its sweetness is not that overpowering but not lacking, as well. Hazelnut goodness!

M&Ms- My fellow chocolate lovers would surely give a nod on this particular variant. My kiddo-self and sweet-tooth-self merged in full force, indeed. Hihi! :3

Cookies & Cream- This is the first ever mochido I’ve ever tasted. In view of the fact that cookies and cream is my classic favorite flavor of ice cream, spell L-O-V-E!

Cinnamon Sugar- Not like other food that has cinnamon on it that has its tendency of being nakakaumay, this one is an exception, indeed!

Note: Sorry, I don’t have so much time to take individual photos of the said flavors! I definitely suggest you personally go to your nearest Gavino’s to get to taste mochido perfection!

** Mochi donuts- P29/piece, P150/6pcs, P300/dozen

For Gavino’s full menu, check it here.



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