Geuriwo Haeyo

Alright alright! I ascertain that some of you might not fathom the meaning of the preceding paragraph. Pardon me for my excessive flaunting of my Blackjack-self! “Blackjack” is what K-netizens and Kpop fangirls and fanboys deemed with 2ne1’s fanbase.Β And at present, they debuted their latest single, Missing You/Geuriwo Haeyo.

In view of these, I decided to make a Missing You/Geuriwohaeyo-inspired look! Principally, as you all perceived, in the MV, 2ne1 are on monochromatic pieces in black. In line with my edgy self, it came naturally when I was marched into my closet to look for pieces. Here’s what it looked like!

Black sweater from Passport | Skater Skirt from SM GTW

Hype this on!

** By the way, do you still remember my previous What’s The Fuss? blog posts wherein I post a series of looks with the same statement piece. First, it was Tutu skirt and the second one was animal prints. Now, I’m gonna be posting a series of looks (three) with monochromatic pieces in black, with this look as the first one in the series! Stay tuned for the next addition to the monochromatic pieces this week & next week, yes?



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