Fashion Anthology

As promised, here’s my look back logs. But before that, I just can’t get over with my lost USB. I know I may sound childish or odd, perhaps, to some of you. But it’s just that I have many significant files there. Though some of it can still be retrieved. But then, some of it, just said buh-bye to me. Why oh why? 😥

Anyway, let’s ensue with my look backlogs! 🙂

Test My Wings Back

Top from Boy London | Accesories from SM Dept Store | Sunnies from Ray Ban

Hype this on!

Leap of Faith

Lace Dress (worn as a top) from Korean Rose | Mullet skirt

Hype this on!

Me Without You

Bull Torns cap from Human | Denim shorts from Crissa

Hype this on!

Leave My Heart Out of This

Backpack from Gucci | Light Denim Polo from Cotton On | Sunnies from Ray Ban

Hype this on!

Not A Backup Plan

Denim Jacket from Next | Tank top from Nike

Hype this on!

Can You Be My Nightingale?

Oversized Sweater from Bershka | Necklace from Forever 21

Hype this on!

Shed light on my latest look here.


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