Awakening Board September-November 2013

Cheery afternoon, my loves! *happy birthday song playing* Oh yes, it’s my 20th birthday last month! And yes, you’re not dreaming. I’m back for good! :3

For that, lez proceed with my awakening board for the three months that gone by. Yes, I know it’s way too overdue for I usually do awakening board for 1 and a half and not three months that have past. So expect this would be most likely my longest awakening board ever, perhaps. Lez proceed anyway, shall we?

(1) Gong Cha’s House Special Milk Alisan MT with Pudding

~ Well, as several of you ascertain my unyielding fixation for milk teas, I opted for the strongest flavor, Alisan, in one of my most adored milk tea brand, Gong Cha (which I bet my fellow milk te crazies would agree). Though this flavor wasn’t my foremost favorite at Gong Cha but aside from my name was included in the title (Ally-Alisan), but it also made my reluctance (before) to try flavors that I wasn’t that accustomed yet. Empirically, that was my rookie-on-milk-teas self. But since milk tea has been a huge essential to me for the past few months, I get used to its novel & hybrid taste. For that, I tend to play with different sinkers & flavors on diverse milk tea brands. Doing some comparing thingy (Stay tuned with copious Milk Tea Tidbits blog posts in the coming weeks!)

(2) Demi Lovato, my-lovatic-self vaunting wildly
~ If you predominantly know me well, you would ascertain how gripped and inordinately fixated I am to Demetria. Hihi! Perhaps, aside from her unrivalled beauty and benevolent heart, I frequently find by myself humming to the beat of one of her songs in a random time of the day. For I can factually relate to it and we’re in the same page in some ways. Like me, she grew up being excessively bullied and she inspire me to be like her, being able to overcome her insecurities & have blossomed like a wild flower flourishing in her field of expertise. Candidly, she’s the principal reason why I started watching X Factor USA last season & the current. And if it wasn’t for her, being on a numerous episodes of Glee Season 5, I would completely lose my interest on watching the latter because my girlfriend, Dianna Agron wouldn’t be in it anymore. *fangirling*

(3) Ze fashion conyo’s official icon/watermark
~ This blog of mine, Ze Fashion Conyo ,had its hiatus for the longest time now. And it breaks my heart to be invisible in the blogging industry for such a longwinded time. I promise I would intently make it up to you. Having said that, I made my new & first ever official icon. Pat on the back, Ally! Tee hee! Stay tuned for my back logs and the watermark I ‘m talking about on my look backlogs & new looks, yes?

(4) Milk tea milk tea milk tea! :3
~ Oops, my bad! How fixated can I get? Sorry if I sounded too superfluously smitten with milk teas, alright? Hihi! Let’s say milk tea is part of me already. My friends & most of my classmates would know it’s me when they see a girl chirpily sipping into the straw of her milk tea & gleefully staring & stirring its sinkers from time to time without seeing my face. Furthermore, stay tuned for my top 8 (or 10, when I change my mind afterwards!) milk teas I ordered the most. It’s predominantly the ones I ordered from time to time. So, it was perhaps, some of my foremost favorites. Here’s a teaser photo!


(5) My boy & girl crushes! ❤
~ I’ve been hankering to dole out all my fangirl-ing in one blog post in the past few months! So, I decided to make a blog post that would feature my top 4 boy crushes & girl crushes (each). Not to spill the beans too much, just spazz with this teaser photo first!

(6) My fashion inspirations
~Here’s some of my fashion inspirations I look intently copiously.


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