Temporary Hiatus

Rainy afternoon, lovelies! Well, you’ve read it right.  😦 I would  temporarily stop blogging and posting on Lookbook for a month. So if I’m lucky enough to have at least few regular readers out there, please pardon me for this particular fiasco.


If you’re wondering why, well, aside from I’ve been hankering to renovate this dearest blog of mine, hmm.. let’s say as a junior college student, this is the only way I feel certain that would help me focus on my studies because finals are coming up and it’s unduly mobbing me to death. Having said that, even if it unreasonably, excessively, exceedingly, extremely, terribly, surpassingly breaks my heart to do this, but I would sadly be in a one month hiatus at the moment. </3

I promise this blog will be back on its cheery operation after one month! On its better and spazzing-worthy posts!




Hiatus starts tomorrow. 😦 I’ll be back after a month! Please don’t abandon this blog, alright?



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