Weak Made Strong

Here we go again with my floral looks! Yes, you read it right! This is not another food post. Finally, I’m in my ze fashion conyo self again! Hihi! I would admit and fess up that I’ve been exceedingly pensive and consumed with food, food, food nowadays. That’s why my recent posts are all about food. Well, food has been part of my life since the world began. And I give a nod to the fact that I’m not just a fashion blogger but a food blogger, as well. Though fashion is still/ would still be my first love.

Anyhow, let’s supervene with my nth floral look for today. Well, before ensuing with its details, a lil’ spoiler, I might post a (WTF) What’s The Fuss post on florals. In case you haven’t shed light on my past WTF posts, here and here. Furthermore, with this particular look, I plumped for another double floral combo like what I opted /here/. And went for a plain buttondown to balance the double florals in ze look.

Buttondown from Folded & Hung, Floral top from Dixieme, Floral bottoms from Expose

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