Awakening Board | July-August 2013

[July-August 2013]

Principally, this would be my first ever blog post wherein I would primarily stick out ze things that inspired me for the one and a half month that have past. For this particular post, I would disclose everything/everyone that enthused me for the first half of July and the month of August. This would be like a mishmash of what things I’ve been preoccupied with & things that stirred my nerves and audacity to pull off gears stupendously.

(1) Happy Lemon’s Roasted Milk Tea with Adzuki Bean & Pudding
~ Milk Teas has been part of my life for the past few months. When milk tea craze presided over here in the PH last year, as a fizzy food tripper, I took a crack at it, right away. But I didn’t became like head over heels in love with it that much. But for the past few months, I have no idea what milk teas jabbed into my senses that I suddenly became unduly fixated to it. Even had times when I had two or more milk teas (each) for several succesive days.

Note: The guy from Happy Lemon ill manneredly mispelled my name! Ally not Ali! 😦 Β I’m not Muhammad Ali, okay?

(2) Carnival’s quaint & capricious feel
~ Oh yes yes. I know I’m about to turn a one year older in less than 3 months from now (the mere thought gives me qualms!). But I ardently deem nobody’s hold for carnivals and pensive cavalcades, isn’t it? For that, I’m hankering for a carnival-themed photoshoot. But then, I think that’s hard to pull off for carnivals were full of people all the time, right? Aww.. 😦

And oh, who are these five lovely ladies over here?

It’s the Fifth Harmony! Where are my fellow Harmonizers at? Holla!

(3) Fifth Harmony’s Miss Movin On
~ Well, I know if it’s just me or the sweather weather that the very bully and insolent Maring (heavy rains) have caused me that I became so vexed on listening to sad love songs nowadays. Though Miss Movin On is pretty much like a survival song for all the broken hearted girls out there. As a matter of fact, when you’ll ask me how many sad love songs I kept on snooping at present, well, got lots of ’em. As what they say, the songs you’re heeding reflects what’s inside of you. As for my case, well..

(4) 2ne1’s Falling in Love & Do You Love Me
~ Divergent of you might not be acquianted with the fact that I’m a dancer, yes? Though, I bluntly don’t dance that much nowadays as much as I do before back in my grade school & HS days (due to health reasons and uhmm.. long story!). Anyhow, ensuing with my Blackjack-self, since they debut with their song, Fire, way back. I always been a staunch fangirl of 2ne1. And so is my frisky brother. Having said that, in order to have our Blackjack fulfillment, we tried mastering Falling In Love & Do You Love Me. And after several nights, well, we succeed a bit. Hihi! πŸ™‚

(5) David Guison

~ I started blogging last December 2011 & became a Lookbook-er last June 2011. As an aspiring blogger, we have our own style inspirations. Notable people we immeasurably look up to. Before, outspokenly, though I’ve known David since I started blogging, I only dwell more to remarkable bloggers in the female division. But as I grew in the blogging and fashion industry, I learned to widen my entreaties by lodging my attention to well-off and outstanding male bloggers in the compelling blogging/fashion industry. Since then, I became one of the trillions and trillions of solid and cray cray fangirls of DG. To the girls out there, I exceedingly suggest that you become one of us, too! Hihi. :3 I promise, it’s all worth it! Kidding aside. Trust me! Here’s a proof.

** Note: Expect that David will always be a part of my monthly (and a half) inspi board. When I say always, I mean it. Why? For he always been one of my foremost inspiration when it comes to blogging & Lookbook. Hihi! :”>

So long, August! Though I’ve encountered/encountering emotional adjustments during your existence this year, you teached me not to waste my time and effort to those people who doesn’t even bother to spend their time with me. Hey, September, we’re the best of friends, yes? Don’t steal my ice cream, alright?



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