Let The Good Times (T)roll

Scatty afternoon lovelies! Well, I feel fizzy putting my feet up single-handedly here in ze house. It makes me wanna have a eat-all-you-can in the ref and contemptibly buuuuurp, trigger happy! Hihi. Alright, I tease I tease. 🙂 Enough pulling somebody’s leg!

Reverting from this post’s spot-on subject matter, lez talk about ze look, shall we? Oh another look, again? Ze fashion conyo’s accustomed activity of all time: dressing up! Nagsasawa na ba kayo? Well, I assure you that I will do whatever it takes to perk up my game so I forebode that you guys give me a chance, pretty puh-leeeease? Moreover, I plumped to make use of the top I bought a couple of months ago that perhaps, bizzare for some but for idiosyncrasy’s sake, it was indeed one-off.

Likewise, with the unhinged weather & my fizzy easy self being pompous at this moment, here’s ze look!

Troll face top from Style Miss L, Red shorts from Jean Bell Gray beanie from Khush

Hype this on Lookbook.nu!



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