Better In Time

Well, does this look accustomed to some of you? Maybe this is the uniform of your mayordoma at house, yes? Tee hee! No no no! I’m just kidding! πŸ™‚ Perhaps, for several, this might look farcical and peculiar. Due to its unconventional length and all that.

Bluntly, I wore this specific top in last year’s PFW Holiday Season. So, this is discernably like a remake already. That time, I wasn’t that consistent as a blogger and Lookbook-er unlike now. So I didn’t able to contrive a look by the book. Therefore, I decided to cobble together a covalesnce and proficiently classy version look with this particular top as the statement piece. Moreover, my edgy had come alive and arrive at a Luanna P-ish look! πŸ™‚

Top from Gemini, Black tights from Q Queen

Black spikes cuff from Rebel Gear, Heels from F&H

Hype this on!



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