What’s The Fuss: Animal Prints

Hello Mr. Sun! Exceedingly cheery to see you! 🙂 Oh my smurfs! It’s time for another WTF (What’s The Fuss) post again! Several of you might caught sight of my first WTF post, yes? If you don’t, read it here.

Well then, as printed pieces are concern, in the compelling world of fashion, there are lotsa prints that we earthlings opt to being drawn to. One of it was animal prints! Having said that, lez give animal prints the stage and fly its own kite to ze limelight, can we?

First of, was Next To Me, my last addition to le tutu series and was my first entry for this particular series, as well. The zebra printed blazer gave the guh-leaming pink tutu skirt a spunk and extra verve plus ze sunlight flaunting its way again.

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The next one is Beam Me Up. Well, predominantly, this specific series was led by zebra prints but the third & ensuing one of this pack changed it all. Now then, back to this look. Well, with this one, would you guys agree that polka dots & zebra prints look noble together?

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Third of the pack & ze one who impeded this to be a zebra prints series is the I Don’t Bite!. My fizzy side blew its own horn again. How did you guys find my sweater with cat ears? Hihi.

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Last but not the least, If Eyes Could Speak. Oh my floral! Well, my thing for florals is another proof that I’m not a full blooded edgy girl when it comes to fashion. Chiefly, it all depends on my mood. So for this one, I muddled up florals with a zebra tee that was a hand-me down from my bro. What do you think?

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That’s it for le animal prints’ heyday. Oh well! Stay tuned for my next WTF post. And for spoilers, stay tuned for my Who’s Your Bias? and monthly Inspi Board on the upcoming days, will ya?



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