Not So Hidden Mickey

Not So Hidden Mickey

Hey Mickey! What did you just do to me? Felt like my inner kiddo-self have been niggling me to knock together a look that will bare my fizzy side. Thus, since I recently flaunted my edgy and girly self on the past few looks I posted. What if we give my ingenous side a chance?

Growing up back then, with my hoodwink and cheery side that time, I together with my brother used to watch cartoons on Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickeledeon among others. And of course, I bet all of us were pretty much engrossed (or at least, been fixated before) with Mickey Mouse, yes?

Moreover, putting my fascination for florals and giving my inner fizzy self into the glare of spotlight, here’s ze look:

Mickey Mouse sweater, Floral Shorts from Stefano

Dinosaur spikes sneakers from Lyricque

Hype this on!



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