Food Rage: Merced Bakehouse & Resto

Merced Bakehouse & Resto

– Looking for your not mundane food staples for merienda? Local bakehouses may frequently make you ruminate that the typical grubs they offer were those monotonous spanish bread, “monay”, pan de coco, etc. Which to be candid, I’m not fond and used of eating customarily. But then, when our ravening tummies were rowdily yapping,you’ll roughly head to the nearest food place your eyes gonna spot. And I tell you, Merced wouldn’t let you down!

Outspokenly, I hate them for stealing my childhood birthday cake from me! Mommy, they stole my cake! 😦

Alright. I kid, I kid! Tee hee! Well, why did I consider it as my childhood birthday cake? Aside from its childlike design, some of you might not be acquianted yet with my first name, Alea. Oh my smurfs! It brings back forlorn retentions that’s why as much as possible, I don’t use it at school, church and such. My friends don’t even call me that specific name.

Anyway, lez carry on with Merced’s appetizing creations that we take a crack at!


Mushroom Omellete | Rate: 6.5
~ Nothing special! But bordering on my ardour for mushrooms, well.. It’s flimsy good!

Spaghetti Carbonara | Rate: 8
~ Holy molly! For creaminess’ sake! I exceedingly adorn this particular creation of Merced. Very stellar, I must say!

Bacon & Egg with Toasted Bread | Rate: 7
~ Frankly, if I were to ask what are the breakfast food combos I’m amiable with, bacon and eggs was one of it. Although, it’s teniously, to some extent, typical but judging from its taste, I’ll give the nod to it.

Weight Watcher | Rate: 6
~ Well, it’s too banal & a humdrum to me when it comes to its taste. I think Merced should perk up & watch out for the flavor of this specific grub of theirs!

Overall Score: 7

Location: Quezon Avenue

Ally’s favorite:

Spaghetti Carbonara

~ On top of my extreme amity for pastas, largely in white sauce, to be specific, this is one of the creamiest carbonara I’ve ever savoured. :)(Like what I’ve avowed a while ago) I put in a good word for this noteworthy dish, indeed!

For more choices, open your eyes helplessly & take your pick here:



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