Plastic Roses

Here I am once again, trying to smell the scent of plastic roses. Tee hee! Pardon me for singing. For all blujays out there, wave your hands at me! πŸ™‚ On the contrary, those who doesn’t get me & giving those weirdo glares, Plastic Roses was one of the effectual and formidable songs of Jessica Sanchez on herΒ very first but exceedingly remarkable album, “Me, You & the Music”.

Anyway, since my floral obsession once again exudes after /Not So Hidden Mickey/, and this time, on this particular look, it bare its wings massively. Not just one floral piece was flashed on this one, but two! For that, I opted to wear a plain tank underneath my floral vest. Trivia anyone? Well, outspokenly, the floral vest I’m wearing here was originally a jacket. Pat on the back, ally! Tee hee! πŸ™‚

Hereafter, lemme flaunt the twofold floral look! I seldom do looks with my hair like this. Hihi!

Floral vest (DIY) from Forever 21, floral bottoms from Expose, Bangles (part of a set) from Tomato, Boots from SAX

Hype this on!



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