Rigorous thing called Goodbye

Everything happens for a reason. We may not grasp what exactly it is right away. But in time, we will. And leaving someone who means something to you may be one of the most scarcely distressing things you’ll do in life, yes? Whether if it comes to a family member, friends or someone special, if you consider them very dear to you and they precipitously push you away, though it’s completely hostile to what you really want the both of you to end up being, you have no choice but to cut and eliminate them from your life. Not unless you are that significant and special to them that they will commitedly run after you, against all odds before it’s too late. For if someone really matters to you, you wouldn’t let them walk away from your life.

Well, as for me, I don’t let go and leave people behind easily. Especially when that person means something to me and they made me somehow exultant in a certain period of time. If you really know me, I can say I get attached to a person by a long chalk. I’m not sure of the exact reason why I usually tend to act that way. Maybe it’s because in my 19 years of existence, I met loads of impudent and judgemental people already. And there are only seldom ones who appreciated me and don’t take advantage of my weaknesses negatively. For it is one of the worst things that I’m sick of encountering.

After all those excessive bullying and rejection I’ve experienced now and then, I don’t want to be taken for granted continously anymore. Of course, no one want the feeling of being disregarded and unappreciated, isn’t it? Each one of us aspires to be highly valued and cherished, right? Moreover, cliche as it may sound, but as the saying imparts, don’t do to others what you don’t want others do to you.

Hereafter, I think I easily get attached too much to people because of the fact that there are few ones who appreciate and pays attention positively to me. But on the flip side of it, most people fondly takes it negatively, thinking I’m not capable of leaving them behind whether they treat me right or not. Well, candidly, I don’t need part-time people in my life. It’s either you’re with me or not. You can’t come and go as you please. I’m not a toy who anyone can play with when they have nothing worthwhile to do with their life.

I will do my part to settle my relationships with the people I consider special to me. But when they choose to ignore and disregard it, I have no choice but to do the same to them and let God handle their stubborness and attitude of pushing away people which they don’t realize that is always there for them, even how that person is. For if someone really is special and important to you, even how jam packed your day is, you will do whatever it takes just for you to find a way to spend time with that person. As what they say, when there’s a will, there’s a way.


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