No Turning Back

Huzzah life? Well, have you flick through my #RealityCheck post already? How about my first ever WTF (What’s The Fuss) post Anyway, not prolonging the specs of ze look anymore. Lez proceed! 🙂

This one is essentially a back log and it’s been a while since I put up a indoor shoot, isn’t it? Candidly, at first, I had doubts if I would post this look or not. But then, my zany edgy self made its way of vaunting its wings again. I also put a fondle of quirkiness on it by finally wearing my polka dots skirt(after a couple of months standing by like an abandoned creature on my closet!) on ze look. Moreover, I came up with this laid back edgy look:

Printed top short sleeves(rolled sleeves) from Oxygen, Polka Dots skirt from Dixieme

Hype this on!

** Note: If some of you might recognize that the photos above have my old watermark, yes? Well, this is a back log, that’s why! 🙂 



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