Before we get too serious, say hello to August! 🙂

As the weather splits up, sun and rain fought non stop for the spot, so is the haphazard thoughts hurling into our roguish minds that tend to confuse us to declare a decision in order for us to carry on with our respective lives, numerous interrogations arises and tend to deviate our point of view on the dark side that gives us the urge to do the wrong thing that put us in deep trouble.

Sometimes, though it contradicts on the nature of people, not being able to survive alone, each one of us should have our alone time where we could cogiate and internalize things that kept on bothering us and which we find hard to unravel and get to the bottom of. We should perceive and have a reality check once in a while.

Here’s some of the realities we should patently fathom and dole on to others, as well.

#RealityCheck Nothing lasts forever!

-When something came into your life that you’re exceedingly beholden, make the most out of it. For it would someday disappear. This is general. Like for example, when it’s your dream of becoming well known and notable actor/actress, it may be overwhelming and ecstatically too surreal being the center of attention all the time. But then, it would soon die down so you shouldn’t waste your salary on claptrap and always stay humble (Proverbs 15:33). For when your fame dissipates, the people who used to appreciate you wouldn’t hesitate to leave you. And on love, when you felt like that the guy/girl you’re with loves you more than anything in this world, don’t be infallible and dependent on that person too much. Like what they say, /Lahat ng sobra, masama!/ And as for success’ case, even you feel like you’re in the foremost position on your craft already and feel like you know everything, don’t be too vainglorious. Even Einstein had his bewildering turndowns and rebuffs.

#RealityCheck Everything/everyone is subject to change.

– No one should think that they don’t have the power to alter and amend themselves to become a more well off and better version of themselves. That they are hopeless and a failure just because they fail to perform well on their expertise. If you just let God help you, you will never be in stain (Isaiah 50:7). But of course, don’t be like /Juan Tamad/ who merely sat under the tree and slept with his mouth open, waiting for the tree’s fruits to fall on his mouth. When you desire change to take place in your life, it should start from you. Do whatever it takes to attain it in a way that you would also mug up new discoveries in order for you to share it with the people around you. And when life teaches you a lesson or confer you a warning to change a certain behavior, you shouldn’t take it as “Life is so unfair! Why me?”, Instead, take it as a blessing and say, “God, this may be distressing for me, but please help me to learn from this.” (Proverbs 16:3)

#RealityCheck Everything happens for a reason.

– Life may seem unfair and bigoted at times, cliche as it may sound. But everything happens for a reason. We may not fully cognize and discern clearly what it is, for now. But in due time, we would. All we have to do is put our hopes in Him (Romans 5:5). Like Abraham (Romasn 4:18-22), against all hope, though he had every reason not to trust God, he still did. So whenever you feel the world is against you and you can’t precisely make out the reason behind all of it, just put on the full armor of God so that you can endure hardships when the evil comes to pound you with anxiety and distress (Romans 6:13-17).

#RealityCheck Don’t force yourself to a person/to people who doesn’t want you around them.

– When you’re type of person who do whatever it takes to give their best to the people they exceedingly hold dear that was by and large take advantage of negatively by most people, when someone just take your presence for granted and you feel like they just want the idea of someone is chasing after them but you can tell by their actions that they don’t consider you as someone substantial and significant to them and they can carry on with their life without you, stop letting them manoeuvre and have power over you and start moving on with your life without them. It will just make you feel petty and like you’re so negligble.

These realities may sound so unfussy and austere. Cliche as it all may be but we can’t largely fathom and get a hold of it. We must mug up and resign ourselves to it, in order for us to give rise to a decision that we wouldn’t have regrets in the end of the day. For when you probe and mull over things and take a crack at it first and seek to assidiously get the picture before doing anything, you will gain favor (Proverbs 13:15;14:18)

A man is praised according to his wisdom, but men with warped minds are despised. -Proverbs 12:8


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