Huzzah life? Well, as what I’ve tweeted, here are ze 10 Things #IllNeverGetUsedTo:

1. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Being ignored and unappreciated (especially if its by my loved ones)

– This one doesn’t need any wide description. I’m sure no one feels exultant and lucrative when you exert/exerted so much effort on something/someone you unduly adorn and you end up being unappreciated and desolately disregarded, right? For appreciation and recognition fuels you to do better and aim further.

2. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Passing by my favorite cafés and food places without purchasing anything despite of the intemperate tussling of my famished tummy.

– Well, if you know me very well, it’s beyond impossible that you’re not knowledgeable and acquianted with the love of my life, FOOD. That’s why I’m finding it so gruelling to stay true to my diet.So I tend to look odd and imprudent little girl whenever I pass by my presumably beloved food places and just merely glaring at it.

3. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Commuting!

– Don’t get me wrong with this one! I might sound /maarte/ or whatsoever. But I’m positively sure that everyone of us by all means, if given a choice, would plump for not commuting, yes? Well, as for me, my health just forbears intense heat, dust and pollution from the desolate streets.(In view of the fact that I have an asthma, allergic to dust plus the probability of having anemia, as our school doctor said.) Not to mention that my school was at Monumento wherein beggars are here and there. Plus, the thoroughfares being excessively piled and swarming.

4. #IllNeverGetUsedTo My dad’s peeving extreme mood swings.

– Oh boy! Several of you might roughly don’t fully understand and cotton on this matter. But I bet nobody of us would give the go-ahead of being scolded with no apparent reason and, eh? And no one wouldn’t end up being pissed when someone you love doesn’t feel ecstatic when they see you exultant just because they are not in it, isn’t it? Well, I do love my father though. Everyone does. It’s just that my dad tend to be too self-regarding and can’t apprehend multifarious matters.

5. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Feel like a mediocre version of someone and be compared to others.

– In my 19 years of existence, I’ve encountered a manifold of rejection and the feeling of compared to others already. Considering that I’m not the smartest and exceptional you’ll ever meet. Plus the fact that I’ve been bullied since Grade 2.(Read it /here/.) I’m sure everyone hates that feeling, right? And what would make it much worst when someone compared you to someone you’re closely related to. As for me, my brother always been that gifted one who’s always on the top of everything. Attained multifarious medals since grade school and high school. At present, we’re both bloggers and lookbook-ers. And with my insecurities hitting me, I can’t help feeling like a middle of the road nd second rate version of him.

6. #IllNeverGetUsedTo People who takes advantage of my weaknesses. </3

– This is one of the topmost aftermath of my sundry rejection-and-been-bullied encounters.It’s like I don’t have that courage and seeping confidence and urge to fight. I tend to deem like I’m inferior than others. Principally when someone still takes advantage of my weaknesses despite of the fact that that person is very acquianted with my insecurities. It’s like an blunt and candid indication that I don’t matter to that person by all means.

7. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Being not a part of my school’s dance troupe and church’s dance ministry! 😦

– Since the world began, I always been my wildest dream to be a prominent and professional dancer someday. Well before, I together with my brother and cousins perform during special events in our family clan. Inopportunely, as the years gone by, my cousins and brother start having like chalk and cheese priorities in life. So that ended the dancing perf fiasco. What made it distressing is my parents won’t allow me to join our school’s dance troupe. They felt like it would just distract me from my studies. What they don’t know is that if I become a part of it, it would fuel and invigorate me to do better because while I’m studying, I’m also doing what I adorn of doing. And as for my church’s dance ministry, I have to wait for like a couple of years before being able to join it. For again, my parents said they want me to finish college first before doing so.

8. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Hearing someone say words that’s contrary to their actions! -__-

– Words are NOTHING without actions. Like in relationships, when someone tell you that you’re important to that person, how would you know if that perosn is genuinely sincere and earnestly honest with it? It’s when that person by all means, do what it takes to prove it to you by his actions, isn’t it? On the flip side of it, when that person acts in a way that contradicts the words his saying to you, then that’s when you could specify that that person is just making a fool out of you.

9. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Moments when someone asks me where am I studying.

– Forthrightly, I’m not that proud on what school I’m currently enrolled at. Why? Well, I bet most of you is not knowledgeable about this. Mainly those who don’t thoroughly know me. But I’m not wholly the one who cherry-pick on what school I’m gonna be studying. It’s like my mom made me choose between a few universities that’s not around Manila. They say it’s because I’m not that good at memorizing directions and it’s perilous for a girl like me to go home late when let’s say, my last class for the day ends at 7pm or later than that and our house is in Caloocan & Bulacan pa. But I mainly prefer studying at Lyceum of the Philippines, to be honest.

10. #IllNeverGetUsedTo Not being able to buy clothes, shoes, etc online. 😐

– Perceptibly, I hold dear fashion unduly, yes? Having an account on /Lookbook/ and being an aspiring fashion blogger and all that. And nowadays, online stores/shops are predominantly making its way to persuade customers buy online and paying a little less but exceedingly worth it. As for my case, it’s not just paying less is what I’m after for. It’s the items itself! Such as architectural shoes from DAS and Gold Dot (among others), ombre shorts from Bubbles and many more. But the problem is, my parents won’t allow me to have my own credit card. They say it’s because I’m an impulsive buyer and having your a credit card has its streneous demands.



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