Lucido-L ♡

Bonjour, lovely people! Since I recently posted a look post and a couple of blog posts about friendship and relationships, well.. I’ve decided to chatter about my hair today! How random can I get? Tee hee! 🙂

My hair used to be like inordinately kinky. And when I say kinky, I mean awfully KINKY. As I grow up, I together with my mom, decided to get my hair rebonded every 6 months but then, immensely resulted to a super damaged hair to the nth degree! 😦

I’ve used divergent daily supplements for my unruly hair but frankly, it doesn’t not satisfy me and my hair still looks stale and impoverished! Lucido-L changed everything! One of the headmost hair styling brands in Japan has finally breezed in the Philippines! I can on all counts, avoid those offensive stares and flaunt my hair and gain confidence waking up with a smoother and newly enriched hair! Lucido-L’s standpoint is to revive our hair’s condition and impound moisture. With simply applying two petite amounts of Lucido-L’s miraculous hair leave-on every night and voila! You”ll wake up with the stellar version of your hair!

Lucido-L’s Repairing Oil comes in two variants:

Repairing Oil (Straight) which smoothes and tames frizzes for moisturized hair that allows fingers to run through easily from roots to ends. And Repairing Oil (Perm) which maintains soft bouncy curls with lightweight yet moisturizing oil.

As for my pick, beyond any doubt, I ostensibly adorn the Repairing Oil (Straight) variant. Evidently, I’ve been rooting to have a serene and smooth straight hair!

Oops! Lucido-L being a blessing in disguise doesn’t stop there! They offer Styling Milk with four variants in which the two has its heat protection feature.

Styling Milk (Straight) which coats the hair strands for effortless sleek and straight hair. It can also be used for heat protection.

Styling Milk (Airy) which coats the hair strands for outstanding volume.

Styling Milk (Wave) which coats the hair strands for soft and tangle-free waves.

Styling Milk (Curl) which coats the hair strands for round and bouncy curls.  It can also be used for heat protection.

** And not to mention that all Lucido-L products have sweet and fruity smell which has no preservatives at all! Superb! 🙂

Like one of the foremost fashion maven, Tricia Gosingtianshe applied Lucido-L Styling Milk (Curl) before curling to nurture her hair against heat damage.

Hereafter, look the stellar outcome! Perfectly bouncy curls at its finest, indeed!

Here’s the close up version! *drools*

Note: This stunning close up shot of her is strictly UNEDITED! *jaw drops* 

As for my case, I’m dying to have the Styling Milk (Wave). Aside from surpassingly dreaming of a smooth and shiny straight hair, I also will immensely flip when I finally achieve a tangle-free hair, as well.

Want to make me cry a bucket of tears and smile from ear-to-ear, please do get me one! (If possible, two! Tee hee!)

(c) Tricia Gosingtian


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